We’re excited to have you teach on Skillshare!


Why Teach?

Skillshare is an online learning platform where anyone can teach. Our teachers are everyday creators who are passionate about what they do – people like you, your friends and your colleagues. You don’t need to have experience or be well known to publish your first class and grow a following.

By teaching on Skillshare you’re able to reach our community of 1 million (and growing) students, give back to the community and earn money along the way.

Interested? The best way to get started as a new teacher is to join our 30-day teach challenge, where our team will help you every step of the way!

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How Skillshare Works?

We’re all about ‘learn by doing’ — which we believe unlocks the creativity within.

Skillshare classes are designed for the best online learning experience. Students sign up for a Membership for access to all classes across a wide range of categories. They take classes at their own pace, create projects to practice what they’ve learned, and interact with each other from all around the globe. As a teacher it’s important to understand the Skillshare pedagogy:

  1. Bite-sized — most classes range between 20-60 minutes of video broken down into smaller lessons
  2. Project-based — class projects allow students to practice what you’re teaching and share their process with the community
  3. Community-based — students interact with each other by answering questions, sharing tips and resources, and providing each other with feedback and encouragement


What do I teach?

What you choose to teach is entirely up to you! We believe if you have a teachable skill, then you can absolutely teach that on Skillshare! Check out our class catalog to gather inspiration or ideas.

How do payments work?

Skillshare operates under a subscription model, which means that, rather than paying per class, students pay a flat monthly or annual fee for a Membership, which includes unlimited access to our entire catalog of classes and other features like offline viewing through our mobile app. For more information on earning on Skillshare, check out the teacher handbook.

I want to teach, but I’m busy — can I still join?

Absolutely! We’re all busy, so feel free to create your class at your own place. If you miss out on the current Teach Challenge, you can join the next month.

What if I see a class already on Skillshare that I want to teach?

Great! Typically it’s a good sign if there are more than a few classes on a similar topic, because it provides a guage as to what students are interested in learning. We’ve found the best class topics within a category, have several classes, because everyone has their own way of sharing their skills and knowledge.

More questions? Email us at teach@skillshare.com