Updates to Skillshare Help Center

We’re thrilled you are a part of our teacher community and want you all to be informed of our Class and Community Guidelines, so you’re set up for success on Skillshare.

Read on to learn about the recent changes to our Help Center.

Moving forward, our team will be incorporating these changes in our moderation process. Just to note: we won’t be applying these rules retroactively to previously published classes.

1. Classes can be published under company names.

Profiles can be owned by companies, small businesses, or start-ups as long as all other guidelines are met.

2. Individuals may co-teach under the same profile, or as part of a collective.

Groups or collectives of teachers can create content together. Content that is purchased from a third-party, licensed content, or otherwise not created by the teachers remain against our policies. Classes that are jointly taught should be posted to a single profile only, and cannot be duplicated to appear on more than one teacher profile.

3. We’ve clarified our rules around self-promotion.

Both teachers and students may promote their own websites, products, or services on their profiles or within the intro video and final video of their class(es), but cannot direct students to a competitor education site. Students don’t like to watch Skillshare classes that appear too focused on selling them something so use your best judgement!

View the complete Class Guidelines and Community Guidelines for more information. Learn More