We are constantly amazed by the quality of projects Skillshare students create every day, and would love to take this opportunity to celebrate the top 5 student projects from May. Check them out below, and don’t forget to like your favorites!

1) Let’s Go Skiing! by Ann Rubin

after effects cutouts

Class:The Paper Cutout Look in After Effects by Jake Bartlett
Assignment: “Create a scene depicting your dream weekend, and style it using the paper cutout look.”

2) Oriental Blossoms Surface Design by Sandra Bowers

surface design

Class:Pattern Design II: A Creative Look at a Full Pattern Collection by Bonnie Christine
Assignment: “Design a pattern collection. You’ll develop a theme, bring it to life with repeat patterns, then tie it together with a spot graphic and name.”

3) Mother’s Day Project by Scott Thigpen

levitation photography

Class:Levitation Photography: Exploring Magic and Portraiture by Ian Norman
Assignment: “You’ll construct a dreamlike portrait scene with your subject levitating among a flock of flying objects.”

4) Muse by Cornelius Richards

outdoor photography

Class:Outdoor Model Photography: Capturing Subjects with Landscapes by Van Styles
Assignment: “Complete a photoshoot of your own by blending model and landscape photography. Choose an outdoor location that provides multiple backdrops (this does not have to be rural, urban architecture can be great), select a model to work with, and then experiment with different ways to compose your subject within the landscape.”

5) Doodle Dispatch by Luke Séguin-Magee

making a zine

Class:Making Your First Zine: From Idea to Illustration by Kate Bingaman-Burt
Assignment: “Create a one-page zine. All you need is an 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper, your brain, and a few writing/drawing utensils. Limit yourself to 1 hour. Don’t overthink this! Choose a topic you’re passionate about and YOU want people to know.”