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Tips, techniques, and more for your tiny home.

Tiny houses seem to be the newest home design obsession. Between HGTV tiny house shows and Instagrammers sharing their renovated buses, you might be feeling envious and ready to build a tiny house on wheels. 

So if you’re considering how to design your own tiny house or renovating an existing tiny house, this guide has you covered. 

4 Tiny Home Interiors to Use as Inspiration

Regardless of the kind of tiny home you want to create, browsing through these tiny house interiors photos will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for tiny house styles, different floor plans, and clever ways to create more storage.

1. Bohemian Tiny House

lofted bed
Source: Instagram
An inside view of the living area with a lofted bedroom.

Dolly Villacorte’s 270-square-foot tiny home—known as “Tiny Miss Dolly On Wheels” on Instagram—is a sunny abode filled with plants, clever storage, and two loft spaces. The Australian home features a full-size kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, and deck. It’s a great source of inspiration for anyone with a minimalistic bohemian sense of style.

2. Southwest Tiny House

tiny house
Source: Instagram
This tiny house keeps things cozy, but still has modern amenities. 

Your search for modern tiny house interiors is over. This southwestern-styled tiny house has all of the modern comforts with a kitchen, living area, bar, and combined bathroom/laundry room in only 374 square feet. Owners Shelley and Joshua Engberg are also tiny house designers who will listen to your vision and design your own tiny house for you.

3. Bus Tiny House

bus house
Source: Instagram
A look at the kitchen of the Joneses’ converted bus. 

If you’re looking to jump on the tiny house bandwagon—er, bus—then look to the Joneses Instagram for all the inspo you need. Colorful cabinetry, a functional fireplace, a compostable toilet, and wooden wainscoting create a Scandanavian-esque style that dreams are made of.

4. RV Tiny House

rv house
Source: Instagram
An inside view of a bright and airy RV renovation.

Goodbye, RVs of the past and hello to these beautiful moveable tiny homes on wheels. If you’re interested in taking a classic RV up a notch and renovating it into an upscale retreat, give the husband and wife designer team of Karlee and Weston Marsh a follow on Instagram. They have tons of inspiration for designing and decorating minimalistic and modern tiny homes that somehow feel both cozy and spacious.

How to Design Your Own Tiny House Interior

Now that you’ve seen a few fantastic tiny house interiors to get your wheels turning, it’s time to put your own original twist on that creative inspiration as you build your own tiny house. Here’s how to get started. 

Create a Moodboard

Use Pinterest as a starting point for inspiration

Tiny house interiors have limited space, meaning every item needs to matter. Before you design your own tiny house floor plan, build a moodboard of different tiny house interiors images to get a sense of your specific style.

“There are a lot of inspiring designs made by others, and by collecting the designs that speak to you, we will find out what your personal taste and preference is,” says tiny house designer and engineer Auke in a Skillshare class.

Design Your Own Tiny House Online

When it comes to designing your own tiny house, you aren’t limited to pen and paper. There are plenty of design programs like Google SketchUp, Sweet Home 3D, and to help you figure out your room layout and interior design.

Consider limitations, dimensions, and draw a framework for your home. For example, if you want to design your own tiny house on wheels, then you are limited by the width and length of the trailer.

“Plan on scale. This way you get a realistic view of how big your tiny house is gonna be,” says Auke. 

Remember, designing your tiny house is a creative process, so don’t be afraid to take your time with it—and, most importantly, have fun! 

Make Your Own Tiny House!

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