Today, we’re excited to share with you the top 10 most engaging project assignments of 2015. While there’s no one right type of project assignment, these teachers demonstrate that breaking their project assignment down into a series of deliverables and keeping the first step super simple are two key ingredients to encouraging more students to upload their work. For teachers, your students’ projects are a crucial component of your success. The more projects posted, the higher your class appears on our Trending page, where it can get discovered by the over 1M students learning on Skillshare. We hope this list of top projects will inspire you to craft an engaging project of your own! 

1. Create your first zine — an awesome, empowering little piece of print with Kate Bingaman-Burt

kate project

2. Create a custom pennant design with Jon Brommet


3. Create a fantasy hero with basic shapes with Brian Shepard


4. A Sketch-A-Day with Ria Sharon


5. Draw and color 2 webcomics characters with Kienan Lafferty


6. Share the story, cover and blurb for your own piece of writing with Rebecca Sky


7. Explore nature, create a pattern! with Bonnie Christine


8. Draw a 3-color poster for your favorite musician or band with Jesse LeDoux


9. Draw a webcomic based on your life with Sarah Anderson


10. Personalized wall art with Shelley Seguinot


Ready to craft an engaging project assignment for your own class? Head to the Teacher Handbook for tips and best practices for coming up with a class project that students will be excited to do!