Last month, the top 100 teachers on Skillshare earned $1200 on average. How? Well, the way the Skillshare platform works, the more you teach, the more you earn. Every time you teach, you have an opportunity to engage your existing students, capture new ones and compound your revenue. Teaching regularly also lets you cover a broader range of topics and makes the learning experience awesome for your student followers! Jake Bartlett, who teaches 11 classes to over 16,000 students, told students in an AMA:

“If I can post a new class each month, I’m making almost as much as I did when I used to work full-time at a production company. And when I do post consistently, each month usually brings in more income than the last. The great thing about Skillshare is that it is a regular paycheck, even if I don’t post new content. Obviously it’s a much larger amount when I do post, but it comes every month” 

See how the Skillshare platform rewards for teaching again and often below:

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