Creating an amazing student and teacher experience is a top priority for the team here at Skillshare. The more seamless it is for students to learn on the platform, the more classes they watch and the more you earn!

As an exciting step forward in improving the student experience, we’ve removed the “Enroll” button from Skillshare classes. This means that Premium users — those students who have already paid for unlimited access to all of the Premium classes on Skillshare — will no longer need to enroll in your classes in order to watch past the introduction video. By removing the “Enroll” step, students will be able to watch and engage with your classes more seamlessly, increasing your minutes watched and monthly payments.

Without the “Enroll” button, students will no longer auto-follow you when they start to watch your class. Instead, we’ll be encouraging them to click one of the two “Follow” buttons we’ve added to all classes. Each follower you gain in this new system will be more meaningful than ever since they’ll represent students who are especially excited about your content and eager to stay up to date on your future classes!


Without enrollments, how will I know how many students are in my class?

Once a user watches several minutes of your class, they’ll be counted as a “student” in the total student number displayed on your class page, as well as in your class stats, teacher stats and student roster. The threshold at which a user is counted as a student towards your class stats may fluctuate over time based on student behavior and trends on the platform but will always be consistent across all teachers and classes.

If a user is not counted in my class, will the minutes they watch still count towards my payments?

Yes! All minutes watched by any Premium user in your Premium class will count towards your royalty payment even if the user watches a very small portion of your class and is not officially counted as a student of your class.

Who can post a project, discussion or review in my class?

Any Premium Skillshare user can post a project, discussion or review.

Unless your class is set to Free, free users — those students who have not upgraded to a Premium membership for access to all classes on Skillshare — will not be able to post a project, discussion, or review, but they will still be able to watch the first video of your class.

How can I continue to gain followers?

To help ensure students who discover your classes follow you, we’ve added two prominent Follow buttons onto your class page next to your class title and teacher bio. We’ll also be adding additional touch points to make following teachers a seamless experience for students.

Moving forward, the followers you gain on Skillshare will be more likely to engage with your future classes since they will have chosen to follow you intentionally. We believe this approach to gaining followers is more consistent with user expectations and a healthy evolution for the platform.

Publishing high-quality classes on a regular basis and sharing your Skillshare channel with your own community will remain the two best ways to ensure your following continues to grow. Each new class you publish is an opportunity to trend and get discovered by new students browsing Skillshare!

How will past students discover my future classes if they don’t choose to follow me?

In 2017, we’re investing heavily into optimizing class discovery on Skillshare, ensuring that students can easily find classes that are relevant to their interests. Recommendation algorithms are already powering our new and improved user homepage, and past watch history is one the most important factors in how we choose which classes to display. We will be continually optimizing these algorithms to ensure your past students discover your future classes when they visit the site regardless of whether they have chosen to follow you.

Does this change impact my current following?

Nope! Your current following will remain intact, and your existing followers will continue to be notified each time you publish a new class or post a new discussion on your profile.

What happens to free students who start watching my Premium class?

As always, free students will be able to watch the first video of your class. After the first video, they’ll be prompted to sign up for a Premium Membership to continue watching.

Can I still provide my own community with free access to my Premium class? 

Yes! Head to the “Promote” section of your class creator to create a “Free Access Link” to share with your community. Minutes watched by free students who watch your class via a Free Access Link will not count towards your royalty payment. If you previously shared a “Free Enrollment Link” with your community that still has redemptions left, it will continue to work. 

Have more questions?

If you have any other questions about this update, please reach out to us at [email protected], and we promise we’ll get back to you ASAP!