Meet Simon Walker, a designer based in Austin, Texas. By day, he’s an associate design director at GSD&M and by night he’s making type. Simon’s highly rated Logo Design class covers what it takes to create your own type-based logo design.

I’m a graphic designer who’s been working professionally for 14 years now. I actually developed a love of typography at an early age, but never fully realized the practical applications of custom type until just a few years ago. I consider myself a decent all-round designer, but letters are my bread and butter.

At GSD&M I’m at least 10 to 15 years older than most of the guys in our design group, and I find myself in the position of being adviser and mentor to them more and more these days. For many years I would’ve told you that I wouldn’t know the first thing about teaching or passing on practical advice, but the funny thing is that it really comes pretty easily if you’re passionate and relaxed about it. So I was able to prepare for my Skillshare class by tapping into a lot of what I’d been sharing with my team over the past few months.

The most rewarding aspect so far has been the interaction with the students. It’s given me the opportunity to interact with each and every one of them to some degree (assuming I haven’t accidentally missed anyone). The response and positive affirmation I’ve received from them has been really rewarding.

If you’re humble and thorough and try to keep your presentation as practical and hands-on as possible, you’ll have something really valuable to offer your students, regardless of how well you deliver the information. You’ll never be able to share everything you know about a particular subject in one hour, but you won’t leave your students empty-handed.

I’m really enjoying the process of watching and helping them develop their skills and work through the issues that come up while doing this kind of work, and it’s having a positive reciprocal effect on the way I interact with the guys at the office.