Start Your Creative Business With a Limited-Time Offer of $100 First-Payment Guaranteed 

Each month, we run a Teach Challenge program to help teachers publish a class on Skillshare and start building a creative business. We are so proud to announce that in November, over 190 new teachers published a class through the Teach Challenge! Margarita Ivanchikova won a $1000 Apple gift card and 4 top new teachers were featured in a newsletter that went to our entire community of over 2 million students. Another teacher wrote to us that the Challenge was a unique chance to push himself and that it was great to share the experience with others on the same journey.

start your creative business

Why is the Teach Challenge Such A Great Way To Start Your Creative Business?

1. Guaranteed First Payment To Get You Started

In December, for the last month we are offering offer a $100 first-month guarantee for those who publish a class through our Teach Challenge – an awesome limited-time opportunity to jump start to your online career!  

2. Marketing Tips

Everyone knows marketing is a big deal on the internet. We provide marketing tips to help you grow your following across all online channels – after the July Challenge illustration teacher Ohn Mar Win reached over 3,000 followers in 3 months. Many of our teachers have even been inspired by these tips to open an online store.

3. Community

The internet is social. When you enter the Teach Challenge, you’ll join a thriving community in which people are committed to one another’s success and meet others in your field. One participant said “It was great being part of a community of like minded people who are all going through a similar experience.”

4. Structure

We have written before on how tough it can be to find structure when working on your own. We have resources that guide you step-by-step through the class creation process, providing deadlines to keep you on track.

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