At Skillshare, a cohesive channel brand is an essential component of building an engaged student following. It allows you to build credibility and further connect with your students. Updating your profile to include a bio, examples of your work, and links to your website and social media are just a few ways to build your channel brand. 

Looking for more ways to take your Skillshare channel to the next level? Check out 5 of our favorite channels this summer for inspiration as you update your channel.


Artist, illustrator, and Skillshare Top Teacher Alanna Cartier’s channel is packed with visual interest. Her channel incorporates multiple sections, including inspiring testimonials, and a well organized project section that are all separated by cohesive header images. Alanna offers her following a collection of complementary classes that range from illustrative style exploration to refining painting techniques.


Photographer, designer, and business coach Amanda Creek’s channel is well crafted and eye-catching. Amanda shares her background and expertise with her students by combining relevant imagery with a thoughtful bio section. Her consistent publishing schedule leverages her existing following to grow her channel, keeping her students engaged.


Brand strategist and designer Haylee Powers’s channel is a clear representation of her brand. Haylee’s channel has a consistent and recognizable look. Her class cover images are eye-catching and cohesive. Haylee’s class and channel merchandising is an effective way to communicate her brand’s key content focus, so students know what to expect from her classes.


YouTuber and freelance photographer Storm Pierce’s channel is another great example of how to craft a cohesive channel brand. By combining consistent channel imagery with matching cover images, Storm creates a recognizable brand and give students a clear idea of what to expect while visiting his channel.


Graphic designer Krittika Mittal’s colorful and fun channel headers are visually exciting. By adding student testimonials, new visitors get an idea of what to expect from her classes. Her consistent publishing schedule engages her following and her overlapping class topics allowing students to level up their expertise in a particular content area.

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