This month we’ve highlighted 5 teachers who have received exciting features and recognition. Check out November’s roundup of teacher spotlights.

Kristy Lankford was the featured illustrator of the week on Paint flowers with Kristy in her Illustration Class.


Musician Jason Rivera was interviewed by Care2Rock for his achievements and recent work. Learn the basics of songwriting with Jason in his Music Writing Class.


Lettie Blue made an illustration for a Don Quixote manuscript commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the declaration of Alcala de Henares as a World Heritage City. Turn your drawings into Animations with Lettie in her Procreate class.


Pattern Designer and Character Illustrator, Melissa Shaw, was featured on the Not Starving Artist podcast. Join Melissa in her Character Design Class.


Illustrator Sadelle Wiltshire, was interviewed for the May issue of “The Scottish Friend”, a newsletter for Quakers in Scotland. Learn the art of Celtic knots with Sadelle in her Illustration class.


Have you been acknowledged or featured outside of Skillshare? We want to hear about it! Fill out this form to let us know how you or your work has been spotlighted.