Summer is off to an amazing start and we’re thrilled to highlight 5 teachers who have received recognition in online and IRL communities. Check out July’s roundup of teacher spotlights.

Aurélia Durand was recently featured by the online magazine Ballpitmag. In the interview, she shares her creative journey and insights into her process for designing her innovative Instagram images. Design with Aurélia in her analog and digital pen illustration class Animated Illustrations for Instagram.


Each year, artists and art supporters travel to the playa of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to attend the annual Burning Man Festival. Last year, an estimated 70,000 people from all over the world attended the 31st annual Burning Man Festival where Skillshare teacher, Manu De Mey’s 3D digital art piece, was featured in the centre café. Create your own digital art with Manu in his class Create a Realistic Portrait in Daz Studio.


Sova Huova instructs art enthusiasts in drawing, inking, and coloring techniques in her new book, Illustration Studio: Inking Animals. Learn how to make illustrations of cute animals in the class that inspired the book, Inking Cute Animals: Explore the Ways of Traditional Illustration.


Ria Sharon of Wild + Precious art was featured on Angie Noll’s podcast, the Not So Starving Artist. Ria’s classes cultivate art as a process of self-care and self-discovery. Find your creative mantra with Ria in her class Finding Your Creative Mantra.


Cat Coquillette’s “Eat Well, Travel Often” art print made it into the interior redesign in the newest season of Queer Eye. Cat uses a blended method of hand-painted brushwork and clean vector illustrations to create her unique pieces. Create your own blended piece of art using Cat’s techniques in her class From Paper to Screen: Digitally Editing Your Artwork in Photoshop.


Have you been acknowledged or featured outside of Skillshare? We want to hear about it! Fill out this form to let us know how you or your work has been spotlighted.