By now you’ve heard our many recommendations to use your referral link when marketing your class. But instead of just telling you the benefits of referring new students to Skillshare, we’re going to show you. Read on below to find out how some teachers have increased their revenue and their student following all thanks to marketing with their referral link.

Vasjen Katro started a new project, “Baugasm,” where he designed a new poster every day for an entire year, and set up an Instagram account to track his work. His account has amassed a following of over 38k. His Skillshare classes walk students through how to create his various poster designs, so he uses his Instagram account to build anticipation and refer potential students to his classes. He averages about 200 referrals a month because of his active marketing!

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Peggy Dean is a creative fanatic but is most known for her whimsical hand-lettering. Peggy uses her blog and social media to keep her followers in the know on her latest projects and classes. She has a dedicated section on her blog that lists each of her classes, using her referral link to drive students back to Skillshare. Peggy also announces each new class launch on Instagram to maximize her impact. Because of her marketing efforts, Peggy averages about 25 referrals a month! At $10 per referral, that’s a significant bump to Peggy’s monthly revenue.

Lesley Zellers is a new teacher on Skillshare and she’s already seen a ton of success. Lesley’s quirky personality and easy-to-understand teaching style helped get 430 students to watch her first class. But her creative marketing is what helped her get over 20 referrals her first month! Lesley took to Instagram to get her followers excited about her class. She started with a teaser to build anticipation, made an official announcement, and then continued to share different posts to keep sending more potential students to her class. Our favorite? A blooper reel from her class’ introduction. She made a bet that when she reached her first 50 students, she’d share her outtakes.

These three teachers are just a handful of the hundreds of teachers that are amplifying their success and earning more each month because of marketing. We encourage you to use your referral link and focus on getting your first referral, then your third, then your twentieth. Getting started is the hardest part, but all it takes is giving it a try! When you do, you’ll be on your way to growing your own monthly revenue and following on Skillshare.