At Skillshare, we believe that “learning by doing” is the best way to pick up real-world skills. That’s why all classes on Skillshare, irrespective of the topic, are project-based! If you’re planning a business class, here are five tips for creating a class project your students will love.

  1. Make the project applicable to the real world. Design a project that students can use even after they finish posting it on Skillshare. If students feel that your class project will help them in the real world, they are more likely to complete the project and follow up with you for feedback! Al Chen put together a great class project for his excel class that students can use to improve how they manage their personal projects.

  2. Make your project easy to share, and visually appealing. Seeing visually appealing finished projects can be the push that students need to finish their own project! Where possible, encourage students to take screenshots of their finished product or select images that summarize any written elements of a class project. This will make their work more visual and “shareable.” In his class project, Jeff Staple tells students to post a 60-second product video that showcases their work. This is a great example of an assignment that encourages students to show off their new-found skills in a visual way.

  3. Provide tools and/or resources that will make it easier for students to start projects. Learning a new skill can be intimidating. Making a project easy to start can help students put their newly learned skills to the test! For example, in her class on personal branding, Teacher Kate Arends provides her students with Personal Branding Worksheets to help them get started on their project.

  4. Clearly define what success looks like. Sometimes, business skills can be a bit more “high level” in nature. In order to keep your students grounded, be sure to have a clear definition of what a “successful” project looks like. A great way to do this is to highlight the elements that a finished project should have. This will also ensure that you have a clearly defined scope for your class and class project! Check out Catherine Madden’s class on Creating a Standout Resume with Visual Thinking, in which she tells students to develop a hand drawn chart with 5 specific characteristics.

  5. Be clear and concise. Students today want to get through more information in less time. Do your best to make your class project description brief, easy to understand, and actionable. In his class on Becoming an Instagram Influencer, Sean Dalton shows that he’s mastered the skill of being crisp and succinct. Check out his 4-sentence project description here.


Need more help crafting your project?

If you’d like feedback on your class project, we’re here to help! Email your ideas to, or share them with our teacher community in the Skillshare Teacher Center.