Here at Skillshare, we’re busy gearing up for our biggest time of the year – January 2019! Learning something new is at the top of many New Year’s resolution lists, so we’re thrilled to welcome many new students to the platform.

Our Marketing team has a robust plan to spread the word about Skillshare, which will dramatically grow our community. We want to make sure you’re informed about what this means for your teacher payments in 2019 and how you can best prepare.

How will this impact your teacher payments?

As a reminder, Skillshare teachers earn revenue through a royalty system and teacher referrals. Every month, 30%-50% of Skillshare’s Membership revenue goes into the royalty pool for teachers. The remaining revenue goes towards the operations of the platform as well as our marketing efforts, which work to bring more students to Skillshare. Teachers are then paid through the royalty pool based on their share of the minutes watched by students on Skillshare each month.

We expect many new students to join Skillshare in January, which will also result in an exciting spike in minutes watched on the platform. The Marketing team will be offering first time students a promotional offer of 3 months of membership for $0.99, which will be on-site and through email. As a teacher, you are still able to offer 2 months free to your friends, family, and followers, and we encourage you to spread the word during this exciting time! In terms of your teacher payments, we want to note that many of these new Members won’t start contributing to the royalty pool until April 2019 when their 3 month trials end, and as such, the amount per minute watched will be slightly down for the first few teacher payments of 2019 because of the changing ratio between minutes-watched and Membership revenue.

We want to reiterate that this doesn’t mean you will be earning any less! While we expect the amount per minute-watched to  be lower in the first few months of the year, your amount of minutes watched will be up due to the increased engagement across the site. The best part is that when the new students we’ve added in January move into their first pay period in April, we’re anticipating a spike in revenue for the royalty pool, which would mean more minutes watched and a higher amount per minute in your May payment.

How can you prepare?

Now is a great time want to make sure you’re set up for success in January! Take advantage of the increased traffic on the site in the new year by marketing your channel of classes to both your following on and off of Skillshare.

Check out a few of our favorite ways to prepare for the new year now:

  • Update your teacher profile with a short teaser video, quotes from students, or images of your work.
  • Add a link to your Skillshare profile to your email signature.
  • Share an intro video from one of your classes on social media or tease an upcoming class that you’re publishing in 2019.

Here’s a few things you can do in January to maximize your success:

  • Publish a new class in January. There will be even more students on the platform to discover your content.
  • Use the class discussion feature to re-engage your students. Share student projects, positive feedback you’ve received, or specific skills your content teaches.
  • Run a contest to get students to watch your classes and post projects. Create a unique hashtag for your contest to also build your Instagram following.
  • Market all of your Skillshare classes on social media by using your channel referral link.

We’re so happy you are a part of our community and we can’t wait to see it grow even more in 2019. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Teacher Support team at

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2019!