It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to get serious about your goals as a freelancer.

We believe that 2017 is the year of your creative career, so we’ve put together a week by week guide to help you get things started. Within the next 30 days, your creative career will be set up for greatness.

Here are your goals:

  • Set up a clear vision for your creative career

  • Make a Skillshare class to help get your brand out there and earn passive income

  • Build your online following and make your creative business shine

  • Market yourself and your brand

And because we know it can be hard, you’ll also find a little bit of inspiration each week to help you along!

Week 1: Craft Your Vision

YOUR WEEKLY INSPIRATION: You’re not alone in jumpstarting your freelance career, and Julia Rothman has some great pieces of advice as you think about embarking on your creative journey.

Week 2: Build Your Online Presence

  • Create an Online Portfolio: Make sure people can find you easily online, and that they know your work! Check out the benefits of creating an online portfolio

  • Start Filming Your Skillshare Class: It takes many of our teachers 1-2 weeks to film and edit their class, so check out this guide to help you quickly become a pro. We’ve also got some handy tips for getting started with your at home video setup

  • Update Your Social Networks: Did you know that your social media can be one of the most powerful ways for your business to take off? Take this Skillshare class, and learn how to use social media to help your freelance career take off

  • Build Your Own Website: As you get started marketing and working on growing your following to gain more clients, take this opportunity to create your own website.  Squarespace is an excellent tool to help you get started, and we have a class to help make things easy

YOUR WEEKLY INSPIRATION: You don’t need to already have an online presence to grow a following. Check out how Keren Duchan grew her online brand by teaching on Skillshare.

Week 3: Develop Your Personal Brand

  • Build Your Freelancing Brand: It’s essential that people know what your expertise and style are off the bat, so spend some time developing your vision for your brand. Take this class to help kickstart your personal brand.

  • Finish Filming + Editing Your Class: While it may require a few takes to get the right shot for your class, think about diversifying techniques to help students learn. Here are some tips on how to screencast, and make sure to refer back to your checklist to make sure you’re on track!

  • Grow Your Network: With more of a clear vision around your brand and the kinds of clients you’re looking to attract, get out there and tell the world how wonderful you are! Here are some tips on how to network as a freelancer

Week 4: Become a Marketing Guru

  • Market Your Business on a Budget: Wondering how it’s possible to grow a following without spending all the money in the bank? As you think about your marketing strategy, here are some tips for how to market on a dime

  • Merchandize Your Skillshare Class: You’re almost ready to get your class out into the world, but make sure that your class is set to take off! A few small details can go a long way in making sure that students find your class on Skillshare and are excited to enroll

  • Create a Marketing Plan: Now that your class is merchandized, read this article about marketing your class and Identify three ways you’d like to share your class

YOUR WEEKLY INSPIRATION: Wondering if teaching on Skillshare is something you can do more of? Watch how Helen Bradley turned teaching on Skillshare into a career.

Week 5: Celebrate You!

Not sure if you can do it on your own? We’ve got you covered! Join our Creative Career Challenge, and we’ll help you not only get started on your Skillshare class, but give you tools to launch things like your website and social media.