If you love lettering and typography, we bet you’ve heard the name Jessica Hische. For more than a decade, the Skillshare teacher and non-stop letterer has been blowing up the design world (and the internet) with projects like Daily Drop Cap, Wes Anderson title sequences, and work with clients like the New York Times. As varied as it is eye-catching, Jessica’s letters are always beautiful and never boring, with that elusive quality that makes them just look right.

It’s that rightness that’s so difficult to achieve. Without it, typefaces can feel unbalanced and strange. And yet, it can sometimes feel nearly impossible to assess your own work and produce natural-looking, consistent lettering.

Of course, there are a few secrets to making great letterforms, and Jessica Hische knows them better than anyone. In this sample lesson from her popular Skillshare class, she walks through individual letters within one typeface, pointing out how they work together, what sets each letter apart, and what to watch for in your own work. Watch the short lesson below, then check out her full-length Skillshare class to dive deeper: Lettering for Designers: One Drop Cap Letterform at a Time.

Jessica Hische on Letterform Basics

Jessica Hische shares more about lettering and typefaces in her Skillshare class, Lettering for Designers: One Drop Cap Letterform at a Time, available with Skillshare Membership. In bite-sized lessons, you can learn Jessica’s personal sketch-to-finished-project process, including how to sketch new letters, digitize your drawings, and self-critique your work.