At Skillshare we believe that learning by doing is the best way to acquire new skills. That’s why our classes are focused on project-based learning. It’s always important to get feedback on your work, and this can pose a special challenge: other people probably won’t have thought about your project enough to give you really valuable feedback.

We’re solving this problem by encouraging students to join small collaborative groups to work with throughout a class. When you’ve got a small group of students working together, they will naturally become familiar with each other’s work and have more insight into the unique challenges that each student is facing.

How Groups Work

Joining or Creating a Group

Now when you enroll in an online class on Skillshare you’ll have the option of joining or creating a group. There are both Local and Online groups. We’ve capped the size of these groups at nine students, to create an intimate learning experience where every voice is valued, and no project gets lost in the noise of a big discussion.

Group discussions

Within these groups you’ll have the opportunity to interact, discuss, and share work with like-minded students. You can discuss the resources from the current module, brainstorm project ideas, and, most importantly, give and receive high-quality feedback as your project progresses.

In person workshops

Online text-based discussions only go so far. There is a real magic to learning and collaborating face-to-face. At Skillshare we’ve been thinking hard about how to facilitate real-world interactions between students. Joining a local group now allows you to schedule in person workshops. These are great times to meet up with students in your city and work through your projects together.

Online workshops

If you’re too busy, or too far to meet with your group in person you can schedule an online workshop too. And when the time comes start a Google Hangout with your group mates with a single click. We’re very excited about the collaborative opportunities Google Hangouts can provide. We use it ourselves every day to work with our remote colleagues.

Band together

Groups are forming now, so head over to a Skillshare class you’re enrolled in and find a group that matches your interests or start a new one. We’re really excited about the potential for real collaboration and we hope you will be too!