There’s a special something that often happens after your first few Skillshare classes. Maybe you’ve uploaded a project or two to the class project galleries. Perhaps you’ve sparked or joined a conversation on one of the discussion boards.

That special something is leveling up. You start to see your own skills and acumen approve. Gestures or tasks that felt effortful before move towards effortless, as you delight in that special feeling of progress.

As you progress through your creative journey, Skillshare is here to help! We have classes at every end of the spectrum, from novice all the way to pro. Not sure where to look to find classes that meet your skill level? Start here.

How to Search for Intermediate and Advanced Classes on Skillshare

Searching for classes that meet your skill level is easy on Skillshare – you just need to know where to look.

Step One: Search for a Topic

Whether it’s photography or cooking, crafts or Procreate, productivity or TikTok, we’ve got you covered with fantastic classes. Head to the search bar and type in what you’d like to learn:

how to level up on skillshare: browse for your desired topic

In our example, we chose Procreate, and immediately we were brought to a screen with over 1500 options of classes.

Step Two: Choose Your Level

From here, you can choose what class level you’d like to take from the menu to the left.

how to level up on skillshare: select a topic

Once you’ve selected a level, you’ll see new options that meet your needs. Pro tip: try watching classes that are marked as Skillshare Originals or Staff Picks for our highest quality selections.

how to level up on skillshare: choose advanced or intermediate classes

Try a Learning Path for a Skill you Love

Alternatively, you could try a more curated route and go with one of our Learning Paths. Learning Paths are designed by the team at Skillshare to help you upskill in a discipline of your choosing. Each learning path specifies skill level, curriculum, any materials needed, and the outcome of your journey.

Here are a few Intermediate Skillshare Learning Paths to choose from:

  • Next Level Procreate: Creating Beyond the Basics: Take your Procreate skills up a notch. In this Learning Path, you’ll learn about exciting new features, play with composition and layers, start thinking about workflow and efficiency, and try your hand at some simple animations.
  • Next Level Photoshop: Expand the Possibilities: This Learning Path builds on your Photoshop foundations, taking your skills up a notch to create high-quality digital art. You’ll learn how to use effects, make lifelike mockups, and create and edit artwork and portraits.
  • Portrait Photography: Create the Perfect Shot: This Learning Path will take you from complete beginner to comfortable portrait photographer. You’ll take self-portraits and portraits of others, explore light, and learn some valuable editing tips and tricks.
  • Next Level Watercolors: Paint Beyond the Basics: From color mixing to composition to brush control, this next level Learning Path is designed to build comfort and familiarity with watercolor painting while expanding your creative horizons.

If you’re feeling up for an extra challenge, try an Advanced Skillshare Learning Path like Use Procreate Like a Pro: Techniques for Mastery, which allows you to dive deeper into techniques in pattern-making, animating, and creating polished, professional, and sellable work.

Accelerate Your Progress with Chroma Courses

If you’re looking to make a commitment to growing, learning, and exploring your creativity, Chroma Courses are a great bet. These small group courses offer more immersive ways to learn, with multi-week curriculum and exclusive content from some of your favorite Skillshare teachers. You can expect live Q&As, project deep dives, and personalized feedback from teachers, while get the unique opportunity to connect with likeminded creatives interested in pursuing similar goals. Discover more about Chroma Courses here.