Keren Duchan, like many other creatives, always left her artistic passion for her spare time. This all changed when she began teaching on Skillshare, grew her Instagram following to over 2K, and started earning money from her art. 

Now, Keren’s taking a break from her day job as a software developer to pursue her creative passions full-time.

Having always been interested in art, Keren took a doodling class online last year and was hooked. “Once I saw those micron pens, I fell in love with that strong black line and the crisp contrast against the paper, and I went on a tangent from the class, experimenting with lines and shapes and doodling literally for hours every day ever since.” After receiving an email from Skillshare, Keren joined our Teach Challenge. “Teaching a class on Skillshare in a month-long Teach Challenge was a huge learning curve and a fun challenge – I learned so much in so little time: How to outline, film, edit, and market a class. More importantly, I learned by doing, which is a powerful and effective way to learn.”

Keren’s first class, Doodle Art: Basics and Beyond, was a huge hit, reaching over 1,500 students & followers and earning her $2K to date. She was thrilled to connect with others around her passion for doodling. “I found a community of people who were interested and excited about what I had to teach. This was a huge encouragement for me in my artistic pursuits. I found a way for me to pursue art professionally for the long term, using Skillshare as one income stream and as one way to grow my audience.”

Keren Duchan Skillshare Teacher

Beyond growing a following on Skillshare, Keren’s class strengthened her online brand overall. Since her class went live, Keren’s Instagram has grown to over 2K followers. “I received several heartwarming messages on Instagram relating to my class. People occasionally tag me and say that my class or my art has inspired them to doodle or to make art or to be less critical in their creative pursuits. This kind of connection with my audience is so valuable and I’m grateful for it.”

This success led her to expand her online presence even further by setting up a personal website and YouTube channel. “I’m constantly looking for ways of sharing what I know in a way that’s clear, accessible, interesting, and fun.”

Now Keren is investing more time in her creative passions. “My first Skillshare class was the first time in my life that I ever earned any income from my art. It got me to realize that I can pursue my art, and that there are people who are interested in learning what I know and am passionate about. I’ve recently decided to take a break from my full time job as a software developer in a large company. Skillshare has opened my eyes to the possibility of making an income as an artist and as a teacher.”

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