Happy Women’s History Month! Every year, we collectively use this month to focus on the achievements – and at Skillshare, the creativity – of female-identifying people.

But what if we reset what it means to be successful, or to be creative? What if it was less about traditional definitions of resilience or productivity, and more about women charting paths to better fit their circumstances and find happiness?

Over the course of the pandemic, women have experienced unprecedented burnout that has led to a shift in defining purpose and fulfillment. That fulfillment has come in many different forms – whether it’s in the launch of a new creative career or simply in finding those moments of time to revel in the joy of making.

So this year for Women’s History Month, we invite you to shift away from celebrating achievement and instead honor the journeys of women who are reassessing, reimagining, and redefining the meaning of success, on their own terms.

Pivot to Thrive: A Lesson from Rebecca Minkoff

First up, meet brand new Skillshare teacher Rebecca Minkoff. In this YouTube exclusive, Rebecca shares her advice to female founders, rooted in her own experience of reframing the old definitions of success. After watching, head over to Skillshare to be the first to take her new class, “Build Your Business and Brand: Translating Your Passion Into a Plan.”

Society6 x Skillshare: Women’s History Month

Image courtesy of Society6

Next up, peruse or possibly even purchase gorgeous prints from Skillshare teachers Gia Graham, Alicia Souza, Charly Clements, Sophia Yeshi, and Katty Huertas, available exclusively on Society6. We asked each of these women what pivoting to find purpose means to them, and how those pivots have shifted the experience of  their lives this past year and this stunning gallery is the result of that prompt. Whether it’s a poster on your wall to spark creativity, an image wrapped around a water bottle or a sticker placed on your laptop, a share goes towards supporting the work of these incredible artists and creators.

As women there are so many different hats we have to wear on a daily basis, from being a business owner, a colleague, a friend, a mother to being a role model for others, it can sometimes be a lot to juggle. This illustration represents the constant changes we’ve had to adapt to throughout the pandemic.

Charly Clements

Explore Woman-Led Classes on Skillshare

Lastly, if you’re looking to explore these changing definitions for yourself, or to catalyze a creative pivot in your own life, we’ve got just the right classes for you. Discover new paths and align purpose with action in a series of woman-led creative classes.