Unblock Your Creativity with These Art Idea Generators
Aug, 23 2021
Updated: May, 27 2022
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Unblock Your Creativity with These Art Idea Generators

Want to create something, but you’re having one of those days where your imagination won’t cooperate? Try an art idea generator to kickstart it.

Nothing is worse than finally carving out some time to work on your art—and then having no idea what to create. That’s where random art idea generators can come to the rescue, keeping your hand moving until you happen upon inspiration of your own. Read on to learn more about how you can integrate these tools into your creative practice, plus try an art idea generator (or six!) today. 

What Are Random Art Idea Generators?

Art idea generators are apps that offer random creative prompts at the click of a button. They can offer all kinds of inspiration, from a specific situation to depict, visual references to spark new ideas, or a playful project to complete. If you’re feeling fresh out of art ideas, generators like this can help you get over the fear of the blank page and get your creative juices flowing.

How to Use Random Art Idea Generators

As you might expect, these sorts of tools can be used anytime you need new art ideas. Generators can provide creative guidance no matter what your medium of choice is—whether you’re drawing a picture, writing a story, or anything in between. While they may not be as helpful if you’re stuck on an existing project, they can provide great fodder for warm up or practice exercises, and could even give you your next big idea.

Simply choose the generator that aligns with how you like to be inspired, and then click the button to bring on some new ideas. If the first one doesn’t speak to you, keep trying until something sparks your curiosity.

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6 Art Idea Generators to Try

1. Magatsu Random Art Prompt Generator

art prompts

The Magatsu random art prompt generator allows you to choose between simple prompts, elaborate prompts, or somewhere in between.

2. Art-Res Visual Reference Board Generator

four random pics

If you’re more of a visual person, this Art-Res generator can collect a random assortment of photographs to inspire your work.

3. Virink What to Draw App

virink app

Need ideas on the go? Download the Virink What to Draw App for Apple or Android to get new prompts at the click of a button and save your favorites for later.

4. ArtPrompts.org

art prompts

Looking for some specific inspiration? ArtPrompts.org lets you generate random ideas for characters, environment, objects, situations, and more.

5. RandomArtIdea.com

random art idea

Want less of a specific prompt and more of a general assignment? RandomArtIdea.com will give you different creative challenges to try.

6. Art Style Generator

art style generator

For a different take on visual inspiration, try the Art Style Generator. It will offer up a random assortment of stylistic elements to integrate into your next piece, like the aesthetic, color range, and emotional tone. 

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