Trendshare: Skillshare’s First Report on the State of Creativity
Feb, 8 2023
Updated: Mar, 21 2023
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Trendshare: Skillshare’s First Report on the State of Creativity

Based on a survey of 1,000 creatives, Skillshare has launched its Trendshare report. Learn what creatives are doing and where their skills are taking them.

Amidst deepening economic hardship and a greater desire for work-life balance, the creator economy continues to grow. Creators of all ages and generations are turning to their creative skills and hobbies to support their mental health or build additional revenue streams. At Skillshare, we take a keen interest in creative trends and the people who start or benefit from them. 

To learn more about how creative efforts have buoyed people during the pandemic and where that creativity is going to take them in the future, we surveyed 1,000 creative professionals and hobbyists, and those with creative side hustles. The result is Trendshare, our first report on the state of creativity.

We conducted our survey between December 2022 and January 2023. While some results were in line with our expectations, we also learned some surprising things about how creatives are changing their lives. 

For example, it stands to reason people would avoid changing careers during an economic downturn. But our survey revealed that 60% of creatives are in the process of switching companies or entire careers, not in spite of economic conditions, but because of them.

If you’re in that 60%, or you’re simply interested in how other creatives are improving their well-being—and their incomes—read the full Trendshare report, and see where your creativity can take you.

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