Thinking about joining Skillshare but aren’t sure if it’s the right fit for you? We’ve collected some of the most helpful reviews about Skillshare to help you understand what’s great about this online learning platform for creatives. 

Read on to learn more about what Skillshare is, what it’s like to be a student, whether Skillshare is worth the money, what it’s like to be a Skillshare teacher—and how to leave a review of your own to tell us about your experience!

About Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning community for creative and curious people with thousands of classes that help you find inspiration and take the next step on your creative journey. You’re sure to find lessons in almost any creative or professional skill you want to learn on Skillshare, with topics including:

Classes are offered in a variety of length and learning styles so you can find what works best for you, including video classes that you can take at your own pace, workshops to help you deepen your learning, and even live classes to give you the chance to work closely with your favorite teachers. Plus, you can view classes on desktop or using the mobile and iPad apps, making it easy to learn wherever you are.

Perhaps the best thing about Skillshare is who you’ll be learning from. Skillshare teachers range from industry icons to up-and-coming stars, professional creatives to influencer hobbyists—but all are experts in their field who are excited to share their experience, wisdom, and trusted tools with you.

Plus, the wider Skillshare community is a strong group of creatives who are excited to grow together. All classes are project-based—meaning you’ll get to work right alongside the teacher and learn by doing—and you can share your work at the end, getting feedback from teachers and peers alike. 

Ultimately, we’re here to do everything we can to inspire creative exploration and discovery—and can’t wait to see how you grow and what you make.

Skillshare Reviews

Don’t take it from us! Read on to hear what students are saying about the experience of learning on Skillshare.

Reviews of Learning on Skillshare

Start by checking out some general reviews about Skillshare as a whole. Students especially tout loving how easy and fun it is to learn, the variety of classes offered, and the quality of instructors. Overall, many students found Skillshare a more enjoyable experience than other online learning options.

app store 5 star review
Source: Apple App Store
Skillshare review from the Apple App Store.

Skillshare is the NO #1 app for learning new things.

I’ve tried various apps for learning, none of them have been satisfying so it was with reservation that I tried Skillshare. I was more than pleasantly surprised. The lessons get straight to the subject, the instructors explain everything with clarity and don’t waste any time on unnecessary babbling. For all that you can learn on Skillshare, I find the price to be great. I can actually afford it and for everything that you can learn, I can only say that it’s Amazing! Some of the classes are surprisingly interesting. I have found classes, for example, on designs that I’ve never even thought about. On Skillshare you can discover all kinds of classes that are completely new to you, or new aspects that you can add to skills and knowledge that you already have. If you like to learn new things, I highly recommend Skillshare. 

Emma Matrixa

Learning as Entertainment

Love Skillshare. It’s actually really entertaining to do classes and tutorials on my hobbies and sometimes I even find stuff that could be considered professional development. Of all my subscriptions to streaming content, it’s probably the one that uses my time most productively. Not something you can usually say about a streaming service but it’s true of this one. 



As a person who loves to learn, even if it’s just random stuff, this app is amazing. Skillshare has so many useful classes and videos it’s hard to know where to start! But this app has helped me gain professional skills, business/entrepreneurial skills, and random craft skills. It truly lives up to its name, and I’m addicted to it. 



I absolutely love Skillshare! There are a huge range of subjects to choose from with different levels usually available. The rating system is terrific for picking teachers. I’ve also never had a bad teacher—of the classes I’ve taken, the teachers have all been wonderful. Can’t recommend Skillshare enough!!! 


Skillshare Class Reviews

Learn more about some of the unique learning opportunities and amazing teachers on the platform with these reviews of Skillshare from some of our most popular classes!

Review of Portrait Photography: Shoot & Edit Instagram-Worthy Shots With Jessica Kobeissi

I watch Jessica’s videos on YouTube so I was really excited to see she had a class on Skillshare! Her class was great and very helpful. It felt more in depth than her YouTube videos which was nice. I loved hearing about her entire process from the very beginning to the end. I need some inspiration when it comes to planning shoots and I feel like this class helped. Also I love seeing other photographer’s editing process as well! Plus I like Jessica’s relatable and down to earth personality. Awesome class! 

Jennifer Seguinot

Review of Find Your Style: Five Exercises to Unlock Your Creative Identity With Andy J. Pizza

Before starting this class I felt uninspired and uncreative. By taking this course, I have found inspiration in finding my own artistic style. I am excited by new ideas and possibilities, what a breakthrough! Very engaging and easy to follow. I recommend this if you are feeling creatively blocked, isolated, or unmotivated. 

Ilana Bove

Review of Watercolor in the Woods: A Beginner’s Guide to Painting the Natural World With Rosalie Haizlett

I wouldn’t call myself a beginner but more a lost intermediate artist. This class was insanely helpful, motivating, and I learned little tricks that no one else has showed me in the past year I have been dabbling in watercolor. Definitely recommend for anyone interested in watercolor! 

Alaura McWilliam

Review of Revolutionary Self-Care: Embrace, Nurture, and Grow Your Authentic Self With Chidera Eggerue

This is a course that really makes self-acceptance feel attainable. Great actionable steps that take only a couple minutes to complete and help the student build a foundation to further expand their view of themself. Let’s be real, how many of us go “I’m totally gonna do the project!” and don’t because it’ll take more than five minutes? These projects are super quick and profoundly helpful. I’m gonna have sticky notes everywhere!! Best class I’ve found on the topic! 10/10 will watch again when I’m feeling down on myself because in an hour you’ve made me feel like it’s possible to find self-love in today’s world. 


Skillshare Pricing Reviews

A Skillshare subscription gives you unlimited access to the entire library of tens of thousands of classes, plus other benefits. Reviewers share that it’s more than worth the money, many pointing out that a Skillshare subscription for an entire year of unlimited classes costs less than many individual in-person classes. Plus, you can try it out for free for a week before deciding if it’s worth it for you!

5 star app store review
Source: Apple App Store
Skillshare review from the Apple App Store.

One of the best creative learning resources

I’ve been stuck in a creative rut for several months and so far, this has helped me make progress and grow as an artist both professionally and personally. Way more attuned/friendlier to artists than some other alternative apps/sites I have paid for in the past.


Worth every penny!

There are very few subscription-type services that I can get behind, but this…this is amazing! There are some really dedicated and willing people on this platform that truly want you to succeed and better yourself. This is WAY CHEAPER than considering taking all these courses individually somewhere in person. Plus you can do this at your own pace, in your own comfort zone. I guarantee there are classes on here that you didn’t know you wanted to take until you saw it!! Try it out. You WILL NOT be disappointed. Love love love love it! 


Worth It

I have learned more through Skillshare than I did in college for relevant industry tools. I recommend it to all my peers or coworkers who are looking to gain a new skill or better themselves in a program. I also like the wide range of teacher options for classes as well as fun classes I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to take elsewhere. 


One of my best investments!

I have thoroughly enjoyed Skillshare for learning illustrating techniques from sketching, various mediums to digital illustration. It is full of powerfully useful lessons covering all facets of illustration. For me, this is life changing. My approach to illustrating has improved immensely for the better. I highly recommend Skillshare. 


Teaching on Skillshare Reviews

skillshare teachers
Reviews from teachers on Skillshare.

Thinking about teaching on Skillshare? Based on teacher reviews and feedback, teaching on Skillshare is rewarding in more ways than one.

Obviously, one huge benefit of teaching on Skillshare is that it can create a new income stream from your creative work. According to photography teacher Tabitha Park, “Teaching on Skillshare gives me the financial flexibility to take on only the work I’m most passionate about.”

Many have found that teaching has benefitted their personal creative practices and businesses as well, helping them get their work in front of more people, grow their following, and strengthen their creative voice. “Teaching has opened me up to a new incredible creative community, and I have met many wonderful people through online classes and face-to-face workshops,” says digital design and illustration teacher Silvia Ospina. “Teaching has allowed me to be more creative and dedicate more time to my own projects and paintings.” Illustration teacher Mimi Chao agrees: “Itʼs been so rewarding to be a part of this supportive community while strengthening my personal voice and freelance practice along the way.”

Perhaps more than anything, Skillshare teachers love seeing what students create because of their classes—and the impact they’re able to have on their lives. “It is so rewarding when I get to see the amazing projects students create,” shares animation teacher Jake Bartlett. “Getting tagged on Instagram or reading reviews on my Skillshare classes and hearing how other motion designers are benefiting from my teachings is just the best.” 

“Thereʼs nothing better than seeing my passion for a subject spark creativity in others,” adds illustration teacher Ira Marcks.

How to Leave a Review on Skillshare

Want to share your experience on Skillshare? Leaving a class review is easy. Simply go to the page for the class you want to review, head over to the “Reviews” tab beneath the video player of the class, and click the “Leave Review” button on the right-hand side of the page. (Note that you’ll need to do this on your desktop rather than the mobile or iPad apps). 

skillshare ranking
Here’s where to find the button for leaving a review on a Skillshare class page.

If the button is grey and you’re unable to click it, it just means you haven’t viewed enough of the class yet. We ask our students to watch several lessons before reviewing to make sure we get quality feedback, so check out a few more videos, and you should be good to go.

skillshare rating
What the review button will look like if you haven’t watched enough of the class yet.

When leaving a review, you’ll be asked how well the class met your expectations, what level of student you think the class is good for, and specifics about what you enjoyed about the class and what you think could be improved. There’s also a text box where you can write a public review so other students can see your thoughts. We can’t wait to hear what you think of our classes!

skillshare rating page
What you’ll be asked when leaving a review on Skillshare.

If you want to leave a review of the platform as a whole, you can also leave a review on the Apple or Google Play app store.

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