If you’re a creative person, chances are good you already know how much joy you can find through building, drawing, painting or attempting something new. But what about your imagination’s darker side: the dreaded creative slump? Try as you might, you just can’t think of the next word to write, the next line to draw or the next move to make. 

Sometimes the best way to break through a slump is by trying something new; sometimes, it’s by asking for a little help. Either way, Skillshare has you covered. Whether you’re hoping to start a new hobby, find a new side hustle or just get your creative juices flowing, Skillshare’s online classes can get you back on the path to feeling inspired. 

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Procreate Classes

Postcards in Procreate: Vintage-Inspired Text Effects

An iPad sitting on a light wooden table. On the screen is an image of a vintage-style postcard that reads “Greetings from California, ‘The Golden State.’”
Lisa Bardot will show you how to create a little slice of vacation right in your living room.

Do you have vacation on your mind, but just can’t get out of town right now? Guess what: this class is the next best thing. Sure, it’s no week at the beach, but it is easier to pack for.  All you need to join artist Lisa Bardot on this journey is an iPad equipped with Procreate, and a bit of creative spirit. And while a vacation usually costs you money, this class can help you make it; learn how to design postcards for local shops to sell, create wedding save-the-dates for happy couples, put together travel posters to sell online, and so much more. 

Botanical Illustration in Procreate: Clipping Masks, Blend Modes & Composition

This course’s teacher, Weronika Salach, sits in her office next to an iPad, which displays an image of one of her botanical drawings.
Weronika Salach’s botanical patterns capture the beauty of nature – and so can yours!

Ah, summer: the days are long, the nights are short, and the whole world seems to be in bloom. But what if you want to capture the beauty of blossoming botanicals to admire all year, or sell to others hoping to bring a little piece of perpetual summer into their lives? That’s where artist, illustrator, and surface pattern designer Weronika Salach comes in. In this class, she’ll guide you through using Procreate to build beautiful, captivating botanical illustrations. For added fun, you can turn your floral creations into prints, surface patterns, wallpaper, or anything else your heart desires. 

NFT Classes

NFT Art: Make and Mint Your First Digital Asset

A still image from an animation of a large robot walking on four legs, not unlike a bear. Underneath him, a small girl in a mask is walking purposefully towards the viewer.
Even a still from one of pplpleasr’s animations captures her singular style.

You’re using the internet right now, so it’s safe to assume that you’ve at least heard of NFTs. They’ve exploded in growth in the last few years, and have been the subject of a number of news stories and social media posts. But if you have questions like “What exactly is an NFT?” or “What steps do I take to break into the market?” you may struggle to track down clear answers. Don’t worry: pplpleasr is here to help. She’s achieved incredible success in the NFT market, making hundreds of thousands of dollars minting and selling her digital artwork and animations as NFTs—and she’s here to show you how it’s done. You’ll leave class with an understanding of what an NFT is, how the marketplace works and what it takes to mint an NFT!

Watercolor Painting Classes

7-day Watercolor Challenge: Paint and Explore Beautiful Spring Flowers

Teacher Joly Poa stands in front of a white brick wall. On the wall, the floral illustrations she will be teaching students to make are displayed.
Joly Poa’s beautiful illustrations fill the whole wall. 

If you’re ready to kickstart your creativity, what better way than to make seven watercolor paintings in seven days? Accept the 7-day watercolor challenge, and artist Joly Poa will teach you all the skills you need to get started. Joly, who started painting in 2013, believes that “practice makes progress.” In addition to working with a collection of famous art brands, she’s used her experience to teach thousands of students how to paint with watercolor. By the time the week is done, you’ll have a better understanding of everything from how you hold your brush to the best way to mix your colors. Not only that: you’ll also walk away with seven beautiful watercolor paintings to add to your portfolio. 

Conquer Your Fear of the Blank Page: 4 Watercolor Exercises I Swear By

Teacher Peggy Dean paints swatches into a sketchbook. It’s an overhead shot, so all you can see is her hands and the page, as well as a few paintbrushes, a water glass, and a lit candle.
Once you’ve learned Peggy Dean’s signature techniques, you’ll never look at a blank page the same way again.

A blank page is a tricky thing. It can represent freedom, possibility, and the delight of creating something new, but it can also be intimidating, overwhelming, or even frightening. If you’ve ever found yourself frozen in the headlights of a blank page, unsure where to begin, then this is the class for you. Artist, illustrator, and Skillshare Top Teacher Peggy Dean will take you through the watercolor exercises she uses to break out of the blank page funk. Along the way, you’ll touch on mindfulness, and how to release yourself from the pressure that often accompanies creative endeavors. Whether you’re looking to conquer a blank page or just hoping for a relaxing, insightful watercolor class, this is one you won’t want to miss. 

Watercolor Landscapes: Painting with Modern Watercolor Techniques

Teacher Bianca Rayala sits at her desk. One of her watercolor landscapes is displayed to her left, and several large plants sit behind her. You can also see a jar of her paintbrushes, and a jar of paints.
Bianca Rayala’s landscapes capture atmosphere effortlessly.

Imagine this: you’re out for a walk, and you happen to catch a glimpse of nature showing off in the form of a beautiful landscape. You quickly grab some watercolors and get to work painting what you see, only to look down at your finished masterpiece and realize it hasn’t captured the atmosphere of what you’re seeing at all. 

If this scenario sounds familiar, artist and Skillshare Top Teacher Bianca Rayala is here to offer a solution. Tune in for her tips, tricks, and techniques to paint expressive watercolor paintings that capture the mood you’re going for. 

Design Classes

Design a Hand Drawn Font on Your iPad and Sell on Creative Market

Teacher Maja Faber designs a font on her iPad. It’s an overhead shot, so all that’s visible in the shot is her hands and the screen, on which “Every artist was first an amateur” is written in her hand-drawn font.
Designing your own fonts brings a personal touch to any project. 

Surface pattern designer Maja Faber isn’t afraid to admit it: when she was just starting out, the idea of creating a font from scratch intimidated her. But with time, practice, and a few innovations, she learned that it’s not as hard as it looks. Now she’s here to pass on what she knows. By the time you finish this class, you’ll know how to create hand drawn fonts of your very own, which you can use in your design work or sell to others to help them create beautiful digital art. Either way, Maja will set you up with the tools you need for success. 

Logo Design Basics: Develop a Memorable Brand Identity

Teacher Shantanu Kumar sits at his desk, facing the camera. In the background are a few tables and some colorful chairs.
Shantanu Kumar makes logo designing easy, repeatable and fun.

Designer Shantanu Kumar knows the secret of branding: it’s all about identity. And what’s the first thing you associate with a given brand? Its logo. Get ready to go from “I don’t know” to “total pro” as Shantanu walks you through creating a logo from beginning to end. You’ll learn how to research your concept, build your idea, sketch a draft, and integrate color into your final logo, and you’ll leave class with the tools you need to repeat this design process again and again. 

Illustration Classes

Drawing People in Cute Outfits: Fashion Inspired Illustration

An overhead shot of an iPad with an illustration of a woman in green pants and a red jacket. We can see teacher Iva Mikles’ hand in the shot, using an Apple Pencil to add texture to the image.
Adding fashion and personality to your images elevates any illustration.

Illustration needs personality, and artist and designer Iva Mikles knows it. As one of Skillshare’s Top Teachers, she’s taught thousands of students all over the world how to create beautiful, expressive illustrations. Discover how to integrate fashion into your character illustrations, and master tools like shadow, texture, proportions and more to make your creations come to life.

Cooking Classes

Cooking 101: The Basics of Cooking

Teacher Shubranshu Bhandoh adds water to a dutch oven filled with vegetables.
All that stands between you and a delicious dinner is a little knowledge! 

Shubranshu Bhandoh was trained at Le Cordon Bleu, but he knows delicious home cooking is in reach for everyone—even if you’ve never taken a single class before. All you need is a little knowledge, a few key techniques, and a bit of practice with your knife skills. In this class, Shubranshu will show you all that and more, teaching you to create meals that’ll have your friends begging for a dinner invite, and you saying, “Takeout who?” 

From Inspirationally Starved to Creatively Charged

There’s no better moment than this one to start learning a new skill, and you deserve to expand your mind, nurture your creativity, and break out of your comfort zone. With so many amazing Skillshare classes, you really can’t go wrong!