This year, explore creativity in all the ways you want to. Whether it’s leveling up on your current skillset, discovering an entirely new discipline, or making the most of your time to manifest your best year yet, we’ve got you. Skillshare has countless classes and even more content to help you realize your creative dreams, wherever that may take you. Experiment, chart your progress, or just doodle, dabble, and make for the pleasure of it. We’ve curated some classes to inspire you and get the creative juices flowing!

Skillshare Classes

From Jon Burgerman’s Skillshare Original, “Creative Exercises: 6 Prompts for Fun Doodles & Creative Play”

Classes for Experimenting with Something New

In this class list, discover classes to encourage your most dabbling and most experimental self. Skillshare teachers Jon Bergerman, Neha Modi, Noah Scalin, and Van Styles will guide you through exercises, offer inspiration, and give you practical tips for transforming your work and mindset to unlock exceptional work.

Classes for Up-Leveling Your Skillset

Take a step up from your beginner classes with this class list, curated with intermediate and expert creators in mind. Whether you’re taking your watercolors to the next level with Anne Butera or learning all of Rob Generette III’s pro tips for vector illustration, discover expert techniques to uplevel in Photoshop, Fresco, Illustrator, After Effects, and watercolor in this curated class list.

productivity exercise by Ali Abdaal

Classes for Productivity and Organization

Make the most of your time with this class list that will guide you to a more productive path for the new year. There’s never been a better time to put productivity practices into, well, practice, than the start of a new year. Through these classes, you’ll learn how to cultivate a more productive mindset, use tools that work for you, and build an inspiration muscle with the help of Skillshare teachers Rich Armstrong, Ali Abdaal, Lindsey C. Holmes, and Thomas Frank.

Other Inspiration from Skillshare

Chroma Courses

If you’re looking to commit to your creativity, try taking a Skillshare Chroma Course. These courses are designed to provide a guided learning experience, with immersive, small group learning over a multi-week period. You’ll learn from the likes of Jeff Staple, Brandon Woelful, Holley M. Kholi-Murchison, DKNG, and more, and work alongside a cohort of like minded students, all looking to create memorable work and receive feedback directly from industry leading teachers. Space in Chroma Courses are limited, so reserve your spot today!

75 Writing Prompts for 8 Kinds of Writing

If visuals aren’t your game, don’t worry. Not only do we have scores of classes on writing, you can get started in just a moment with this blog post. Get started writing today (or even right now!) with starters ranging from personal daily writing prompts to comedy, opinion, memoir, and more.

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