Almost anyone can learn to knit, but there are many elements that can make the craft intimidating for beginners. Which needles are best for which projects? What type of yarn should you use? What stitches do you need to know? What other tools and accessories will you need? And, perhaps most importantly, what should you knit first? 

While you could gather all of the materials yourself from a craft or specialist yarn store, knitting kits make it easy to learn to knit. If you’ve mastered the fundamentals, knitting kits can also spark inspiration for more complex projects and help you along the way. 

Knitting Kits for Beginners

You can learn to knit all kinds of things with a knitting starter kit for beginners.

Some knitting projects, yarn types, and stitches are more suitable for beginners than others. If you like the idea of knitting a multi-color sweater but haven’t yet mastered a simple scarf, it’d be best to start with a knitting kit that introduces you to a beginner-level project, like a washcloth, scarf, shawl, or clutch bag

A knitting set for beginners and one for more advanced knitters will usually contain the same items: yarn, needles, a pattern, and sometimes a sewing needle. The difference lies in the complexity of the pattern and the level of instruction they provide.

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Learning to Knit

Taking a knitting class aimed at beginners is a great way to learn the skills you’ll need to tackle simple projects. But taking a class and gathering the supplies you’ll need to complete a project are different animals. Some learning to knit kits that are suitable for beginners will still assume that you have key knitting skills (like knowing how to cast on and cast off), so it’s a good idea to watch a tutorial or two before you unpack those needles and yarns.

Types of Knitting Kits

Knitting sets come in many varieties, from the super-basic to those for more advanced knitters who are seeking specialty yarns and complex patterns. You can find them in your local craft or knitting supplies store or buy them online. And kits aren’t just for kids; while these are definitely available, most knitting kits for adults help you knit grown-up items. 

If you already have a selection of needles and yarn, you may just need a pattern rather than a full knitting kit. These provide step-by-step instructions on how to knit a specific piece, but they assume you already know how to do the individual steps in the pattern. 

There are benefits to both kits and patterns, but it’s important to know what you’re getting. It’d be disappointing to think you’re ordering a full kit only to find a piece of paper with instructions you can’t properly follow! 

To point you in the right direction, here are some knitting kits for several types of projects.

Scarf Knitting Kits

Scarves are a favorite among beginner and advanced knitters alike because they’re so practical—plus, they’re one of the easiest items to knit. 

Wool and the Gang teach a Skillshare class on knitting and also sell a range of knitting kits. This Midi Foxy Roxy Scarf knitting kit includes three balls of chunky yarn, a pattern, knitting needles, a sewing needle, and a sew-in label. It’s a beginner-friendly knitting starter kit and helps you make a thick, chunky, long, and cozy scarf.

Blanket Knitting Kits

Arm knitting is a fun way to knit a chunky blanket.

Because of their size, knitting a blanket requires some different tools and knowledge from knitting a smaller item. If you’re still learning and want to keep things straightfoward, this moss-stitch baby blanket knitting kit is on a smaller scale. It includes cotton yarn, needles, and a pattern. 

For a more ambitious project, this intermediate-level Koselig Blanket kit includes 10-20 balls of yarn, circular needles, a pattern, and a sewing needle. In completing this, you’ll learn how to do the herringbone stitch.

Sweater Knitting Kits

Student work by Pamela Wilkinson for Next Level Knitting: Knit a Sweater

Sweaters are a favorite project among beginner knitters because they’re so practical and allow you to show off your handiwork. They range from quite simple to very complex, though, so choose a kit that’s aimed at beginners, like this “Chewing Gum” sweater knitting kit. It includes five balls of yarn, needles, a digital pattern, a sewing needle, and an embroidered label. If you’re an advanced knitter wanting to knit cables, this “Cable Crush” cardigan kit is a beauty. 

Christmas Stocking Knitting Kits

Give the gift of a knitting set… or a stocking.

Personalize the holidays by knitting your own stocking to hang above the fireplace. This Christmas stocking knitting kit includes a full-color chart so you can knit a stocking featuring a snowflake, Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, and a name. It also includes angora wool, sequins, and bells, but you’ll need to supply your own needles.

Sock Knitting Kits

Student work by Karin off Grid for Cozy House Socks: An introduction to Sock Knitting

It’s such a treat to slip your feet into a pair of hand-knitted socks. Socks are a little trickier to make than scarves because they require several more techniques, but once you get the hang of them, you can whip them up quite quickly. This slouchy sock knitting kit includes multi-colored sock yarn, a printed pattern, and mini circular needles. 

Hat Knitting Kits

Knitted hats are practical and can be customized to suit your style.

Hats can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be by changing up the yarn type, stitches, and complexity of color combinations. Some patterns require the ability to knit in the round (on circular needles), which is a step up from beginner level. This Sienna Beanie hat knitting kit is easy because you can choose between wooden and circular needles to suit your skill set.

Shawl Knitting Kits

Learn to knit a shawl to keep you warm.

A shawl is a step up from a scarf in terms of complexity, as shawls tend to be larger and can include more advanced knitting techniques like increases. Shawls are also a good canvas for practicing knitting stripes or even lacework. Skeino’s striking Arabella Royal Shawl knitting kit is best suited to advanced beginners: The basic stitches aren’t hard, but it includes lines of lacework. The kit contains three balls of merino wool and the pattern.

Start Your Knitting Journey Today

Using learning to knit kits can take you places… or at least refresh your wardrobe.

Beginner knitting sets are a perfect way to get started with knitting or gain confidence with new skills. You don’t have to rely on them alone, though. Once you’ve collected a few patterns from beginner knitting kits, you can start picking your own yarns and using the needles and other tools you’ve gathered from kits. With practice comes experience and the knowledge of what works well together for knitting projects. 

As Skillshare instructor Charlotte Hintzen says, “Knitting is just a skill, it’s not an art form: anyone can learn it.” So what are you waiting for?

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