Whether you’re rushing out the door or pulling up a chair to your work-from-home desk, eggs are one of the quickest and easiest options for breakfast. And while you likely already know how to make eggs a few different ways, it’s always helpful to have some new easy egg recipes that you can call on when you’re out of ideas. 

Here, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about making eggs, from fun twists on classic scrambled eggs to heartier alternatives like the fried egg sandwich that will keep you full until lunchtime. We can’t wait for you to try these egg-cellent recipes (sorry, we couldn’t resist one pun!).

Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs
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Deviled eggs are usually appetizers or snacks but can be easily transformed into a breakfast dish.

“Deviled eggs? For breakfast?!”, we hear you cry. Yes, the appetizer of all appetizers can be transformed into a delicious breakfast treat with a dash of creativity.

The history of the deviled egg goes all the way back to Ancient Rome and is incredibly simple to make. You’ll need to boil a few eggs first, before peeling and halving them lengthwise. Remove the paste-like yolk and mash it with mustard, mayo, or any other ingredients you’d like, before scooping or piping the mixture back into the center of each egg half.


Most deviled eggs need some kind of fat to help bind the ingredients together. For breakfast-friendly options, draw on your favorite bagel fillings like thick butter or cream cheese (some everything bagel seasoning sprinkled in will make this even better). 

Bacon and shredded cheddar are perfect for an omelette-style deviled egg, but much more portable for the morning commute. Small pieces of smoked salmon and a little dill is also a great option for Scandinavian-inspired breakfast and, if there’s any leftovers, can double as a snack throughout the rest of the day.

You could even try a twist on another popular breakfast dish: eggs benedict. Typically made with poached eggs, sliced ham, and an English muffin, there’s nothing stopping you from taking all of these ingredients and filling the void in your boiled eggs with a mini combo of this classic

Finely dice pieces of Canadian bacon with chives and mix into your yolk with mayonnaise. Cut the English muffin into small cubes (like a crouton) and carefully place one on each of the egg “yolks.” Whip up a quick Hollandaise sauce to drizzle over each deviled egg, and you’re all set!


Omelettes are cooked in a flat frying pan and folded in half before serving.

Omelettes (or omelets, depending on which spelling you prefer) are usually made from beaten eggs that are fried in a flat pan with butter or oil and various ingredients, like vegetables, cheese, or meat. Most are folded around their fillings to create a tube or half-moon shape.

This iconic breakfast dish is one of the best choices when making eggs that can keep you feeling satisfied all morning, thanks to the hundreds of possible combinations that you can make.


Pack in a few of your five-a-day vegetable servings as soon as you wake up with fillings like broccoli, spinach, kale, peppers, or onions. 

A good Denver omelette with ham, onions, green peppers, and tomatoes is an ideal way to start the day. Top it with cheese or quickly fry up some hash browns or breakfast potatoes, and you’ve got yourself a full meal in no time at all. 

If savory is less your style, experiment with fruit instead, using apples or strawberries to liven up the flavor. Most ingredients that you can throw in a smoothie can work just as well in omelettes, so think of your egg as your substitute for protein powder. 

Berries are also a fantastic choice if you’re thinking about pancakes but don’t want to make the batter or indulge in too many carbs. Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon on top to really bring out the flavor of the fruit, or try nutmeg or pumpkin spice seasoning for an autumnal twist.

Boiled Eggs

boiled egg
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Boiled eggs can be made with a runny yolk, soft yolk, or completely solid yolk.

When you’re first learning how to make eggs, boiled is one of the simplest methods to master. Boiled eggs are quick and require very little work, and they make a great base for all kinds of dishes.

How long you leave your boiled eggs in the water will determine how runny the yolk is, so try a few different timings until you’ve found the perfect one for you. Around five minutes is perfect for dipping your toast in, whereas seven to eight minutes will give you a light set. Once you hit about 10 minutes, your egg will be fully boiled and ready for snacking on.

Scrambled Eggs

scrambled eggs
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Scrambled eggs are perfect for an under-five-minutes breakfast.

Who doesn’t love scrambled eggs for breakfast? There are plenty of easy egg recipes for scrambled-lovers out there and, like omelettes, you can use almost any ingredient to make your dream dish in only a couple of minutes.

While most people could easily scramble a few eggs without too much help, getting the fluffy texture that turns this everyday choice from good to great takes a little practice. Use a mixing bowl and whisk to get more air into your eggs before cooking them (you’re looking for a slightly foamy look with air bubbles on the top once you stop whisking), add a creamy fat like milk or half-and-half, then cook on a medium to low heat. Slow and low is the way to go! 


You don’t need to add every ingredient under the sun to make yummy scrambled eggs. In fact, well-made eggs with a little butter and some chives can be just as wonderful as scrambled eggs tossed with vegetables or meat. 

If simple and quick is what you’re looking for, pop a bagel or piece of bread in the toaster and, by the time it’s done, your eggs should be ready too. Eat them side-by-side or put your eggs on top for an open face egg sandwich.

A tablespoon of sour cream, bacon crumbles, a sprinkle of cheese, and a hearty spoonful of leftover chili gives you a delicious Mexican omelette flavor, or stuff a tortilla with your concoction and make yourself a breakfast quesadilla

Or, go green with a veggie-filled pan by using spinach, avocado, mint, and pesto for a healthy start to your day.

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Egg Sandwiches

egg sandwich
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Egg sandwiches are perfect for on-the-go breakfasts.

So many of us stop at fast food chains to pick up a breakfast sandwich on the way to the office, but they’re really easy to recreate at home for half the price. Whether you’re using boiled, scrambled, or grilled eggs—or maybe even using up some of the egg salad that you have in the fridge—you can easily transform your eggs into tasty breakfast sandwiches.


Using a bagel, biscuit, or thick, crusty bread, carefully fold an egg-only omelette onto the bottom half with some cheese and a cooled sausage patty for a simple, delightful breakfast egg sandwich. 

If you’re worried about making the omelette portion of your sandwich, take a look at this easy one pan egg toast recipe. Not only do you add some extra flavor to your bread by coating it in the egg before frying, you’ll also have half the work done for you—all you need to do is flip the rest of the cooked egg onto the bread before adding your toppings. It really can be that simple. But if cooking anything at this time of the day is too much, thinly sliced boiled eggs also work well when you’re really in a hurry.

Egg salad also makes a surprisingly great breakfast food when stuffed between a bagel or toast. Mix in some bacon pieces, tomatoes, and arugula to give your sandwich an early morning feel, or keep things even more simple with a little cheese (cheddar, Parmesan, or gruyere are best), chives, and Dijon mustard for a light, yet satisfying, choice.

Fried Eggs

fried eggs
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Fried eggs are a quick way to add some protein to your morning meal.

Sunny-side-up fried eggs are probably one of the most iconic symbols of breakfast. And there’s a good reason for that: they’re delicious! Although they’ve since become a favorite topping on salads, grain bowls, and hashes, the true home of the fried egg is definitely on the breakfast table.

You can make fried eggs in less than five minutes, and they really are great on their own, with just a sprinkle of sea salt and black pepper. If over-easy is your preference, wait until the tops of the whites are set (you’d remove from the heat at this point for sunny-side up) and flip your eggs over for a minute to cook the other side but keep the yolk runny. Over-medium or over-hard will need another few minutes in the frying pan.


Need to use up some roasted vegetables from last night’s dinner? Serving them up for breakfast alongside a couple of perfectly fried eggs and Greek yogurt is a great healthy option. 

If you like your breakfast with a bit of a kick, mix in a splash of hot sauce or finely chop some jalapenos with cilantro and sprinkle on top. A classic huevos rancheros with warm salsa and refried beans also works when you’re planning to use spices to perk you up in the morning.

For a winter warmer, add a fried egg on top of your bowl of warm steel-cut oats. Apple or berry compote can give this a tangy and sweet finish, or stir in some Parmesan and a squeeze of lemon juice for something savory. 

Shakshuka is another perfect meal for those cold mornings when you really don’t want to get out of bed. Although it takes about 25 minutes to cook, it’s only five minutes of prep time, which means that you can spend some time getting ready for the day while it’s cooking.

Egg in a Basket

eggs in a basket
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Egg in a basket is a fried egg cooked within a hole in a slice of bread.

Egg in a basket, egg in a nest, egg-in-a-hole, egg with a hat…there are many different names for this dish that dates back to the late 19th century. But wherever you go in the world, it means the same thing: a fried egg cooked in the middle of a piece of bread.

Start by making a hole in the center of your bread, then placing it in a buttered skillet or frying pan. Crack an egg into the hole and wait until it starts to set. Once you’ve reached perfect sunny-side up consistency, flip the bread to lightly brown the other side before serving with your choice of toppings or accompaniments.


Since your egg is cooked into your bread, you can create all kinds of interesting toppings and open sandwiches. Thinly-sliced avocado or shredded cheese are quick and simple additions, or go all out with the maple syrup and powdered sugar for an eggy french toast. 

A pinch of paprika and some chopped green onions are a good way to use up some of your pantry items and give this childhood classic an adult makeover, or throw in a teaspoon of pesto before pulling off the heat.

You can even skip the bread entirely and use hollowed out bell peppers or onions for a low-carb alternative. The same principle applies here–take the rings of your pepper or onion and place them into a frying pan, then crack your egg in the center. Add any other toppings or seasonings before flipping and serving. 

Depending on how thickly you slice your vegetables and how al dente you like to eat them, you may need to cook your pepper or onion for a few minutes until slightly soft before you crack your egg.

Fried Egg Sandwiches

fried egg on sandwich
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A fried egg sandwich is a filling way to start your morning.

Whether you prefer yours more on the runny side or with a slightly solid yolk, a fried egg sandwich is the perfect way to start your day. 

It’s a grab-and-go food that makes it easy to chow down on your commute or something that you can eat with one hand while on yet another Zoom call (with mics and cameras off, of course—we wouldn’t want your colleagues getting jealous of your breakfast).


Anything smoky and a little spicy works well with fried eggs, so whip up a quick chipotle or smoky mayonnaise to spread on your bread before adding your egg. If you’re going for a runny yolk, getting messy probably isn’t a problem, so add a slice or two of a tomato for a juicy and tangy bite. Throw in some crunchy lettuce and bacon for the ultimate breakfast BLT.

If you love making egg in a nest, take it to the next level by turning it into a grilled cheese. Use brioche for the bread and make two separate egg in a basket slices. Leave them a little undercooked before spreading some tomato or bacon jam on each piece and adding a few slices of your favorite cheese. 

For even more creaminess, layer in some avocado slices, too. Put the two halves together and throw them back into the frying pan for a minute or two to cook the rest of the egg and melt the cheese.

Buttered Eggs

scrambled egg
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Buttered eggs are usually best made by scrambling, then adding your chosen toppings.

When it comes to buttered eggs, there’s some debate about where this dish originated and how exactly you make it. Ask most people and they’ll tell you that buttered eggs are essentially scrambled eggs made with a high quantity of butter. 

But go to Cork in Ireland and you’ll hear a different story. There, buttered eggs once referred to rubbing butter on the shell of an uncracked egg as soon as they were laid to help preserve them in the winter. They could be stored this way for up to six months, which gave the butter time to permeate through the shell and create a rich and creamy taste once the eggs were cooked. 

This version of buttered eggs is rare these days now that we all have fridges, but they’re a local specialty that’s worth trying if you’re ever visiting.


Most versions of buttered eggs will use scrambled eggs as their base, since these often have the creamiest texture of any egg cooking style to begin with. But soft-boiled eggs with their runny yolk also work really well for this dish and make a final product that’s similar to a warm egg salad. 

Like most of the other egg dishes we’ve looked at, a sprinkle of cheese with some salt and pepper is an ideal breakfast combination when loading these eggs on toast or a bagel. To spruce up your breakfast even more, paper-thin radishes and a little parsley are the perfect savory addition.

Buttered eggs are also popular in Turkey, so this Arabian buttered eggs recipe with mint and lemon is certainly worth trying. The yogurt and spice blend of cumin, garlic, and chili flakes makes this a punchy breakfast choice that takes about half an hour to prep and cook on those work-from-home days.

Let’s Get Cracking!

With all of these new recipes to try, you won’t be running out of egg-based breakfasts any time soon! So take a crack at one (sorry, one more egg pun) and you’ll start your morning with a protein kick that makes you feel ready to face anything that the day throws at you.

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