At Skillshare, we have tons of tips and resources to help our teachers market their classes. Many of these tips stress the importance of engaging your entire online community in your Skillshare classes – whether you have a following on Instagram, YouTube, or just an email list of your closest friends and family.

We are now seeing that a growing number of Skillshare teachers have Etsy stores, which is awesome! So, in addition to the standard tips and tricks, we wanted to lay out 4 marketing tips specifically for our teachers with Etsy or any other online shops looking to grow their followers and increase their earnings on both platforms!

Link your Etsy store and your Skillshare Profile

Add a link to your Skillshare profile in the “About” section of your Etsy store and a link to your Etsy store to your teacher profile on Skillshare. Adding these links is a great way to turn your buyers into students and your students into buyers! Additionally, links are an important part of how search engines determine rankings, so linking your Etsy shop and your Skillshare profile will help you achieve better search engine optimization (SEO) for both.

Check out the way Andrea Campos puts the link to her Etsy shop on her Skillshare profile and advertises her Skillshare classes on her Etsy store!

Use Coupon Codes Strategically

Etsy allows sellers to create all different types of custom coupon codes for their customers and these can be used as a great marketing tool on Skillshare. For instance, you could offer discount codes to all students who upload projects in your class, or to those who leave helpful public notes! You can learn more about creating Etsy coupon codes here. (Just remember, you cannot require students to buy something from your store in order to take your class).

Leverage your Newsletter

Lots of Skillshare teachers already have newsletters that they promote on their teacher profiles, as do Etsy sellers that they promote on their stores. You should go ahead and use your newsletter (linked on either site) to promote all of your online activity and to grow your following broadly.

Post Your Class Referral Link In Relevant Etsy Teams

Etsy has an awesome community tool called Etsy Teams, which allows members to connect and share information, tips, and best practices. If you know other sellers who might be interested in taking your class or learning/teaching on Skillshare – post your class referral link in your Etsy teams! This is a great way to continue to broaden your community, get enrollments in your class, and earn those $10 referral bonuses.