Earlier this week, the Community team at Skillshare caught up with one of our favorite teachers, Jon Brommet. Jon was an enthusiastic and talented Skillshare student for years before he finally decided to teach his first class, and we’re so glad he did! At Skillshare we believe that anyone can teach–including students–and Jon’s story is a great reminder of just how true this is.

Jon Brommet

Read more about Jon’s experience as a Skillshare student-turned-teacher below.

When did you decide that you might want to teach a class on Skillshare?

I first had the idea to teach when I joined the Skillshare community as a student, years ago. I’ve always appreciated the format–being able to watch videos at my own pace and get feedback from the teacher or classmates– and I cannot think of a better way to learn than from the people who inspire you.

So what was stopping you from teaching?

I think in life I’m generally not open to trying new things. I like routine. Plus, it had never occurred to me at this point in my career that I could inspire someone the way I’d been inspired by the teachers I admired.

Then I was actually contacted by someone from the Skillshare team who saw a logo I made in a class project as a student. She asked if I would be interested in teaching, and since I had been thinking about it since I joined Skillshare a few years ago, that was the push I needed to jump in.

 And you did “jump in”! Was that a challenge?

Yes, filming was my biggest challenge. I did the entire class myself, every aspect, on a budget of zero dollars. I literally didn’t buy a single thing. I used an old tripod for a camera and taped a piece of wood to it. Then I used one of those dash mount iPhone holders for cars and screwed that to the piece of wood. I filmed the whole thing with my iPhone on that tripod. But the audio was bad so I used my PlayStation headphone as a lapel mic and plugged it into my Mac. Then I had to sync the audio and video. I couldn’t just plug the mic into the iPhone as the cord was too short [laughs].

When you’re starting out you just make it work, and I think I did a good job with what I had to work with.

Yes, in fact you did a great job. Any advice for other members of the Skillshare community who may want to follow in your footsteps and teach a class of their own?

Just know that if you put effort into making the best class you can that other people will be impressed. No matter how amateur it seems to you. Also, don’t slack off on the little things like making an outline and providing some reference materials. Students love that stuff!

Last question: what’s your favorite part about teaching?

I think it’s the greatest feeling when I see a really talented artist create an awesome block print and credit me with inspiring them to try it. That’s a pretty amazing thing.

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P.S. Follow Jon on Skillshare and Instagram for updates on his new class coming soon!