A blank page can be intimidating, especially when we are searching for the satisfaction of free-flowing painting, coloring, and drawing. Don’t worry! We have you covered.

We partnered with artist and Skillshare teacher, Samantha Dion Baker, to create downloadable coloring pages for easy color meditation.

Print out one or all of the pages below to start coloring, or download the JPG files to draw in the design program of your choice. We can’t wait to see what you make! Use the hashtag #SkillshareColorTogether when you share your finished piece for a chance to be featured on our Instagram account @skillshare.

Celebrate Your Newfound Baking Habit


Send a Message to a Friend (or Stranger!)


Bring Play Indoors with a Scavenger Hunt


Go with the Flow on a Botanical Pattern


Find Gratitude When You Need It


SDB - 03.png

Learn with Samantha Dion Baker

Want to create a page of your own? Head to Samantha’s Skillshare Original Sketchbook Illustration for All: Draw Your Day with Watercolor & Pen to develop a sketchbook practice and create beautiful illustrations.