Join Nicholas Felton – author of the Feltron Annual Reports, one of the lead designers of Facebook’s timeline, and co-founder of Daytum – to explore data and design. This 90-minute class walks through the process of investigating a large amount of data, using Processing to project onto a map, and polishing the visual appearance in Illustrator.

The assignment for the class will be to transform a spreadsheet describing 34,000 meteor strikes into a visualization that places each event on the map with a marker scaled to reflect the relative sizes of the meteorites. Students will be using both Processing and Adobe Illustrator to work through the data set that Felton has provided for the class.

It’s a great introduction to Processing and provides a data set for you get started with right away, making this class perfect for anyone interested in design, geometry, or minimalism. Follow your curiosity and become fluent in presenting the data surrounding us every day.