Think about the people you surround yourself with.

What passions, goals, or aspirations do you share? 

One of the most rewarding things that we experience in life is connecting with others, simply because we enjoy being around people who share similar interests as we do.

It starts with passion, which is the true key to being successful. When we are passionate about something, we are willing to dedicate ourselves to work diligently, even when things get challenging.

If you’re passionate about something, surround yourself with positive like-minded people because they will affect you the most. When you connect with others who are passionate about the same causes, it allows for even stronger powers to develop.

Passionate people fuel other passionate people, so connect with others who will inspire you.  There is a collective energy, excitement, and ambition between passionate people that will help get your ideas out into the world.

Why do we care about meeting people with similar passions?

The connections we share can potentially turn into friendships, business or accountability partners, and changemakers.  Power in numbers – it’s all about collaborative consumption.

With the advancement of social media sites available, it’s now easier than ever to reach out to people who have similar interests online, while also having opportunities to meet offline.  There are a vast number of people who have similar interests and beliefs in the world that we have yet to connect with.

Start reading blogs, follow them on twitter, e-mail them. Take the first step in reaching out and networking with others.  When people join together with similar interests, ideas actually start to happen.

Why connect with others?

Connecting with others who share the same interests and passions will allow you to spark relationships that could ultimately help change the world. When you connect, you expand your knowledge by collaborating on ideas in a group setting vs. individually.

Skillshare classes allow people to connect online, which gives ample opportunity for collaboration. Once you put passionate people together collectively together, there is ambition from both students and teachers alike to empower each other to achieve more.

Connecting with others is one way to help you move things forward and inspire action when you don’t know what to do or are stuck with an idea.  All that’s needed is a leader with an idea and other people who believe in it and the common cause to connect. Together, you can bring ideas to life.

What are you doing to spend time with people who share the same passions as you?