Follow Your Photography passion

Skillshare teacher and New York Photographer Andre Wagner shares how he built the photography career of his dreams through hard work and determination, landing clients like The New York Times .

Considering whether or not you’re ready to take your photography to the next level? Hundreds of photographers like Andre, have established their brands, grown their followings, and found financial stability teaching on Skillshare. We think you can do the same! Thats why this month we’re excited to share with you our photography promotion.

With the launch of our photography catalog, we’re looking for passionate photographers just like you, to share your skills and inspire other photographers to do the same. Publish a class in one of the topics listed below by February 28, and the best class in each topic will win the Skillshare Photo Gear Essentials + Marketing package. This includes (Terms + Conditions Apply):

  • Tripod

  • Remote Shutter Release

  • Folding Reflectors

  • Photography Adobe Year Subscription

  • Your class featured on our Photography homepage + promoted in a weekly email to all 2 million of our subscribers

In addition, the runners up in each topic will get their class featured on the Skillshare Photography homepage, and will receive a microphone to help film their next class!


Photography topics we’re looking to add to our catalog:

Photography Fundamentals: (Exposure, shutter speed, lighting, and composition)

– Teach a class that explore the basic elements of a well executed photo

Gear Fundamentals: (Camera types, DSLR, Accessories)

– Do you feel confident in using your gear? Teach students all about the power of the cameras they have!

Genre Specific Photography: (Product, Event, and Portrait photography)

– Teach freelancers that are working on developing their personal brand and business how to capture the best shots of their products or opening events.

Photo Editing: (Lightroom, Apple Photo, Photoshop)

– Think you’re an editing guru? Teach students how to make their photos stand out with the tools at their disposal.

Post-Production Workflow: (Library + Asset Management)

– Mastering your workflow can often be a challenge- teach a class on how to store and catalog photos, so as to not lose your amazing work!

And don’t worry! If none of these topics speak to you, go ahead and get started on your own photography class in our Teach Challenge!