The mission of Skillshare has always been centered around providing universal access to learning. We have seen students from all over the world enroll in Skillshare classes, complete projects and even teach classes themselves. But, in order for us to provide great and varied content to students, it’s vital that we continue to support teachers as well.
As such, we are revising the classes available in Free Membership. Instead of one (1) hour per month in any class, free members will have full access to a select group of free classes. Students can now learn as much as they would like every month, and we’ll be listening to your feedback to improve the Free Membership.

To get unlimited access to the full catalog of Skillshare classes, you can upgrade to a Premium Membership which will also offer you offline viewing on iOS. A Premium Membership also supports both teachers and students:

  • Teachers: Your membership payments will continue to support the monthly royalties for our community of teachers.
  • Students: With our One for One model, when one (1) annual Premium Membership is purchased, one (1) student in need will receive a free year of Skillshare.

Here’s what to expect as of 12/18/14:

  1. Anyone visiting Skillshare will be able to enjoy a 14-day Free Trial of Premium Membership. That’s 14 days to enjoy any Skillshare class for free.
  2. Skillshare users who feel a Premium Membership is out of reach financially can apply for a Skillshare Scholarship.
  3. Existing Premium Members will not be affected.

Thanks so much for all of your support.