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You can’t log onto the internet anymore without being bombarded by breaking news about NFTs. As a quick refresher, an NFT (or non-fungible token) is a digital asset built on the Ethereum blockchain. These assets can denote ownership of anything from art and videos to collectible sports moments, just to name a few. 

The popularity of NFTs is skyrocketing, which is why you often see folks use spaceship emojis to describe the potential of their investments. And it’s not just ordinary people who are getting swept up in the NFT craze. A growing number of celebrities have started investing in NFTs—and more strikingly, creating their own for their adoring fans to purchase.

Which celebrities are launching their own digital art? Great question. Let’s discuss.

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Which Celebrities Have Dropped NFTs?

This is a surprisingly loaded question for a couple of reasons. When you search Google for “celebrity NFTs,” you’ll quickly discover that there are so many more than you’d even imagine. If we covered each of them, this list would be about the same length as your favorite novel.

Additionally, it’s important to note some of the controversy around celebrity NFTs (and NFTs in general). Detractors argue that the resources required to produce a single NFT are an ecological nightmare. Celebrities such as Ben McKenzie have also been outspoken about the potential for NFT projects to become pyramid schemes.

While the excitement around NFTs is undeniable, celebrity hype doesn’t translate to investment advice. Before purchasing any NFT, consult with a trusted financial or investment advisor.

But to answer this initial question, there are some notable (and fairly recent) entries to the celebrity NFT market. Here are a select few of them.

Tony Hawk

No other skateboarding celebrity carries as much influence as Tony Hawk—and now you can buy a collection of celebrity NFTs that commemorate his most famous tricks.

His tokenized video shows off his last 540-degree ollie. While you can watch the video on YouTube, fans of Tony Hawk can own a piece of this memory by purchasing the NFT. And based on the comments fans left on this video, it’s no surprise that this NFT project was wildly successful.

Kings of Leon

Long gone are the days when musicians made their fortunes by selling CDs in big box stores. While streaming services have made it easy for fans to gain access to their favorite artists, groups like Kings of Leon have leveraged NFT projects to create new revenue streams and give their audience a unique way to enjoy their work.

Their latest album, titled When You See Yourself, was released exclusively as an NFT. They also conducted an auction for six “Golden Tickets,” which guarantees the owners front-row seats to one concert of each tour for life.

Ellen DeGeneres

The NFT market can be tricky to understand, even for some of the sharpest people on the planet. You can include Ellen DeGeneres in that group of folks who struggled to understand NFTs—but now her explanation of NFTs is, well, an NFT.

As part of a 24-hour auction, DeGeneres sold her explanation of NFTs as well as the physically drawn cat she used on-air to describe the phenomenon. The NFT ultimately sold for $33,495, which she donated to World Central Kitchen, the food-relief organization founded by Chef José Andrés.

Jack Dorsey

Twitter has come a long way since former CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted the words “just setting up my twittr.” And as you probably guessed, that first tweet was turned into an NFT and auctioned off for an incredible amount of money.

How big of a pile of cash did this sell for? Just shy of $3 million. Much like DeGeneres, Dorsey converted the entire sum into Bitcoin and donated it to GiveDirectly, a charity helping those in poverty, specifically for its COVID-19 response in Africa.

Shawn Mendes

Another musician in the fold! However, unlike Kings of Leon, Mendes didn’t release an entire album as an NFT. Instead, Mendes released a line of digital “wearables,” including a virtual guitar, necklace, and earrings.

Mendes’ NFT offerings netted him north of $600,000. And in similar fashion to Jack Dorsey and Ellen DeGeneres, Mendes donated that money to charity. More specifically, the proceeds went to the Shawn Mendes Foundation Wonder Grants, designed to help young activists with big ideas.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg’s most recent NFT venture is a collection of items titled “A Journey With The Dogg.” The collection includes digital assets that commemorate Snoop Dogg’s experiences and greatest memories. It also includes an original track titled “NFT” and a new form of cryptocurrency called “Snoop Dogge Coins.”

Snoop Dogg’s foray into the NFT market goes beyond his own release, though. In the image below, you’ll see one of his recent collaborations with Clay Nation, which is a series of unlockable digital clay animations and music in NFT form.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is one of the greatest soccer (er, futbol) players of all time. Messi’s physical rookie card can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars. In August of 2021, Messi launched a series of NFTs for collectors who wanted a digital alternative. 

Messi partnered with artist BossLogic to create a series of three NFTs that commemorate some of his biggest moments as an athlete. On the first day of availability, these NFTs generated over $3 million in revenue. Unlike those of some of the celebrities on our list, these proceeds were not donated to charity.

Stephen Curry

Kids (and adults) all around the world try to emulate Stephen Curry’s three-point shots on their local basketball courts. Curry is also one of the most popular athletes in all of sports collectibles, so it should come as no surprise that he launched an NFT project

basketball players
Source: wikipedia
NBA superstar Stephen Curry released an NFT offering that commemorated some of his top moments as a professional basketball player.

Curry’s NFT offering consisted of 2,974 items priced at $333 each. These NFTs were replicas of his shoe line titled Genesis Curry Flows and showcased some of the pairs he wore during his most memorable shots in the NBA. These digital shoes have long since sold out and are available for use across several metaverses and digital games.

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki is one of the biggest names in the DJ world. Aoki is also incredibly active in the sports trading card and NFT markets—and in April of 2021, he partnered with 3D visual artist Antoni Tudisco to create a collection of NFTs.

Aoki’s NFT project also came with a physical version of the piece. The NFT collection earned Aoki an estimated $4.29 million. As he reflected on the project, Aoki stated that this was “an opportunity to finally merge art, collectible culture, and music in a way I’ve never been able to realize before.”

The Beginning of a New Era in Collectible Art

There’s still a large population of people who will collect nothing but physical assets. Many folks still prefer having an actual photograph, image, or collectible to display in their homes. That’s valid, and all indications suggest that there will always be a market for physical art.

However, it’s also hard to ignore the emergence of collectible celebrity NFTs. Over the next few years, watch how NFTs and the technologies that power them evolve—and ultimately, how they enable celebrities and creators to create new digital art for fans to consume.

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