This fall, Skillshare’s encouraging everyone to go back to school, even our own team members! We held a company-wide “Back to School” challenge through the month of September that asked everyone at Skillshare to refresh and refocus their own learning habits by taking new classes and workshops, posting projects, joining group discussion and developing skills outside of their job description. We had the best time sharing our progress with one another, and a few lucky competitors won prizes for all of their hard work!

To celebrate the challenge, we asked a few Skillshare team members, like Astrid Adams, Community Manager,  to share a little bit about themselves and the Skillshare classes they’ve loved to take. Whether you’re looking to recommit to your goals, start a new hobby, or just want to get back into the swing of learning, Astrid’s picks will have you starting your back-to-school season right.

Hi there! I’m Astrid. As a Community Manager at Skillshare, I support new teachers while they create their first Skillshare class. I run Skillshare’s Teach Challenges, monthly webinars, and send lots of emails! I also take a ton of Skillshare classes for both my job and for fun. Here are a few of my favorites.

Astrid - color seperation.jpeg

1. Photoshop Basics: Creating a Simple Color Separation

Photoshop is such a powerful tool and I love how specific this class topic is. Mel has also included so many lovely examples of her work and it was incredibly motivating to see exactly what I would be able to create by taking her class.

Astrid - food.jpeg

2. Food Illustration: Design a Vintage Style Illustrated Recipe

Taking any class with Ohn Mar is a true joy. In this class she shares her tips and best practices for creating a vintage style illustrated recipe. This class is packed with practical advice but l find watching this class to be almost meditative; watching Ohn Mar create her beautiful illustrations and listening to her lovely lilt is incredibly relaxing.

3. Excel for the Real World

I use Excel daily and taking Al’s classes has enabled me to speed up my workflows immensely. The worksheets in this class are particularly helpful and it I loved being able to put Al’s lessons and tips into practice as I was watching the class.

astrid - writing.jpeg

4. Creative Personal Writing: Write the Real You

Aside from being an incredible writer, Ashley Ford is an all around wonderful human being. I love how actionable this class is and Ashley’s teaching style is very approachable. This class is a must for anyone remotely interested in writing a personal essay.

Do you have a favorite class you’d love to shout out? Let us know in the comments below!