Today on Skillshare, the most popular classes are short and bite-sized. Through an average of 10-25 minutes of video content, teachers walk their students through a specific skill, concept or fun project. Students prefer short classes because they easily fit into their busy schedules – they can learn something new on their subway commute or lunch break. Taking Skillshare classes every day has never been easier!

With bite-sized classes on the rise, top teachers on Skillshare are maximizing their revenue on Skillshare by publishing new classes to the platform on a regular basis and are seeing returns of over $100/hour. To ensure the process of creating your next, bite-sized class is as easy as possible, we’re announcing two small updates to the Skillshare class creator tool below, which will go live on Tuesday, May 17th.

To celebrate these updates, we’re excited to host a teaching challenge this month for existing Skillshare teachers. Enter the challenge for the chance to win a $1,000 Apple Gift Card by publishing your next bite-sized class by May 31st! Sign up below, and read on to learn more about the challenge and class creator updates.

Note:#TeachMore Challenge prizes are only eligible for existing Skillshare teachers as of May 1st, 2016 . See details below.

Class Creator Updates

Removing Units from Classes

Starting May 17th, classes on Skillshare will no longer contain units.  Instead, your videos will be displayed in a single list (as shown below). If your classes currently contain units, the unit titles will disappear on May 17th,  and your video lessons will simply be displayed in their existing order. If you’d like to edit your video lessons or video lesson titles, feel free to do so at any time through your class creator. 


Removing Project Titles

Your class project will no longer include a dedicated project title. The project title that currently exists in your classes will be dropped into the top of your project description, but you won’t need to include a project title in any classes you publish going forward. Instead, focus on providing clear project instructions so that students can dive right into your project!


Take the #TeachMore Challenge to Win a $1,000 Apple Gift Card!

Are you ready to teach your next bite-sized class? This May, take the #TeachMore Challenge and commit to publishing and marketing your next class by May 31st for the chance to win a 1,000 Apple Gift Card! Teaching often is the absolute best way to grow your following and maximize your earnings on Skillshare. 

How It Works:

1. Sign up above to enter the challenge.

2. Publish a class with 10-25 minutes of total video content by May 31st.

3. Market your Skillshare channel to your own network and refer at least 5 new students to Membership by May 31st for the chance to win!

Two randomly-selected winners who successfully complete the challenge by publishing a new class and referring 5 students to Membership by May 31st will receive a $1,000 Apple Gift Card. 

Rules and regulations apply