Whether you’re new to digital marketing or an Adwords guru, check out these 5 habits effective marketers share to take your skills to the next level.

1. They are always learning about their field

Marketing is a rapidly changing field — Facebook is only 12 years old and is now one of the largest marketing channels in the world. Any good marketer knows that maintaining his or her current skillset is not enough; in order to achieve lasting success in the field you have to keep up with its evolution. Not sure where to start? Consider taking marketing classes online or subscribing to some top marketing blogs to stay up to date.

2. They make time to market themselves

Great marketers also know that in order to land the clients and gigs they want, they have to build their own brands and networks. While you can use your resume to describe your experience, one of the best ways to actually demonstrate your skills to the world is to teach a marketing class online (the monthly earnings don’t hurt either). On platforms like Skillshare, marketers upload 10 minute to an hour of video lessons that remain discoverable and generate a following, brand awareness, and earnings forever.

3. They practice communication across media

While many marketers specialize in one channel, the best know that it’s important to understand how messaging works across media — audio, video, visual, and written content are all part of a strong marketing campaign. Start by getting a handle on your own voice across different media; use Twitter to practice your written voice, Instagram to hone your visual aesthetic, YouTube to solidify your presence on camera, and Skillshare to tie it all together.

4. They obsess over analytics

Gone are the days of guessing if a message resonated with your audience — modern marketing campaigns leave a trail of invaluable data in their wake. Great marketers know that while creativity and ideation are critical, the data their campaigns gather is the best source of new ideas. If you are second guessing your analytical skills, 2017 is the year to delve in. Don’t be intimidated, you don’t have to be a data scientist to work as an analytical marketer. Start by leveling up in Google Analytics and Excel, these two simple tools are often the most powerful.

5. They engage with their customers whenever possible

While the numbers reveal a ton, nothing beats actually talking to your customers to get a sense of what’s working and what’s not. In person conversations are the best, but they are often expensive and difficult to coordinate. Most marketers keep a more regular pulse on their customer base through digital communication and social media networks. We’ve seen that the most successful teachers on Skillshare use the platform to engage with thousands of students through a direct email channel and message board, asking for real time feedback on what they are doing well and where their class content is lacking.

Ready to take your marketing skills to the next level today? Teach a marketing class on Skillshare to grow your following, generate earnings monthly, and expand your brand awareness.