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Summer is a special time of year. The sun is out, the grill is hot, and it’s a perfect time to try out a new recipe. This summer we’ve been so excited to see many new culinary classes go live on Skillshare. We thought we would share 5 of our favorites, so join us in the kitchen as we see what our teachers have been cookin’ up!

gelato culinary class

1. How to Make Gelato: Tips and Recipes to Make the Delightful Italian Frozen Treat by Marie Asselin

  • Marie teaches students how to make the perfect summer treat, gelato. Her class takes student through the process by highlighting the necessary ingredients, tools, and demonstrating the techniques in her own kitchen.
  • She keeps her culinary class topic bite-sized by focusing on one cooking method, but offers 4 variations, so there’s a gelato recipe for everyone.

Try it Out: Choose a cuisine that you’ve mastered in the kitchen and offer a few variations to students!

planting culinary class

2. Harvesting, Drying, and Storing Herbs by Margaret Smith

  • Margaret chose to highlight three important techniques for working with fresh herbs.
  • By taking students through the basics of herb care and maintenance, she shows us how to unlock the secrets of fresh flavor in our very own kitchens!

Try it Out:  Are you an expert at pickling, preserving, or planting? Choose one and explain your creative process in the kitchen!

infusing tea culinary class

3. Crafting Infused Tea: Herb, Flower, and Fruit Iced Teas by Katie Glenn

  • Katie’s class zooms in on a perfect summer drink, iced tea!
  • She updates an old classic by showing students how to infuse tea with delicious and unique flavors.

 Try it Out: Do you make a killer cocktail or beverage? Share your unique style for creating bold flavors!

gluten free culinary class

4. Going Gluten Free: Baking the Perfect Cake by Erin McKenna

  • Erin’s class focuses in on one recipe: making a perfect gluten free cake.
  • She takes students through the whole recipe, from start to finish, allowing them to get an in depth look into her unique process.
  • She offers helpful insights throughout the class so students can bake with new found confidence.

Try it Out:  Focus your class on a single recipe that is always a crowd pleaser. Think famous spaghetti sauce, chocolate chip cookies, or your recipe that makes perfect pancakes every time!

cake decorating culinary class

5. Cake Decorating: Beautiful Cakes with Buttercream Borders by Amy Barnhart

  • Amy Barnhart’s chose an especially sweet topic for her culinary class- cake decoration!
  • She walks you through the her methods for making the frosting, preparing your decorating bag, and the best part: how to ice your cake.
  • This class helps you master the skill of cake decorating so you’re prepped for any upcoming special occasion.

Try it Out: Share a skill you’ve mastered in the kitchen! 

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