Tons of small business owners and freelancers have successfully marketed themselves on a budget. You can too!

Most small business owners and freelancers don’t have the budgets for paid advertising, but know that they can’t forgo marketing all together. The good news is, tons of small businesses have figured out how to spread the word at no cost at all. Here are 4 ways owners and entrepreneurs successfully market themselves (and increased their revenue) for free.

1. They Optimize Their Websites For Local Search

Have you ever wondered how Google makes recommendations for restaurants, doctors, shops and other small businesses in your area? Those entrepreneurs took a few simple steps to ensure that their small business were being found online — they set up their websites with addresses, embedded maps, and keywords that were searched frequently in their areas. This quick and easy process will optimize your own business for local search today.

2. They Demonstrate Their Skills Through Classes and Workshops

Teaching – speaking at workshops or hosting an online class – is one of the best ways to market your experience at zero cost to potential clients, and even get paid for it! Business owners and freelancers with classes on Skillshare have up to 25 thousand followers, many of whom become clients. Additionally, these teachers are paid passive income each month for those who watch their classes. If you are a business consulting service, consider teaching an excel class. A design freelancer? Teach a logo design class!

3. They Network

Most people don’t love networking — but it is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to market your small business and services. You can network online (through social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook) or you can attend local events through MeetUp. We have outlined a full list of networking opportunities here. Not only will you meet potential clients at these events, but you will also meet other small business owners in your field who will have their own ideas on how to market your business in low cost ways.

4. They Get Involved In Local Causes

Many local entrepreneurs have actually had success growing awareness for their businesses by participating in local charities or schools. It’s a great way to demonstrate engagement in your community and get your name out there with all of the right associations. Consider hosting a workshop for a local career day, taking on an intern or two, or donating some of your services for free to organizations you support.

While it can be a hustle, you can absolutely market your small business without spending advertising dollars – and you can even get paid to do it!