christine fleming

Christine Fleming, freelance illustrator and the current Artist in Residence at BuzzHootRoar, recently launched her first class on Skillshare – Scientific Illustration: Conveying Information with Charm. Within just a few weeks, she was able to get over 200 students to watch her class using these 3 simple techniques that everyone can follow. Check them out and start promoting your class today!

Spread the word on social media

At the initial launch of her class, Christine posted announcements to her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. She also wrote a great article on her blog featuring the intro video from her class. Make sure to spread the word anywhere you can, including LinkedIn, Tumblr and Google+. Don’t just post once! Continue to promote your class by celebrating class milestones such as your first 50 students, or featuring your favorite student project of the week.

Email 25 people, blogs, or organizations that you think would be interested

Do some research on individuals or organizations that may be interested in the subject you’re teaching. Christine contacted science and SciArt blogs and received great responses. Provide a description of your class and ask if they’d be willing to tweet or blog about it. You may be surprised by the amount of interest and excitement there is for your class from people who may have otherwise never known about it.

Host a class contest to build excitement

A class contest is a great way to engage potential students and create excitement around your class. You should direct students to create their class project by a specified date for the chance to win a special reward. Christine is providing a portfolio review to the winner of her class contest, which she announced here in a Teacher Announcement. To be eligible, students must relate their class project to National Wildlife Day – a special guideline she added to the project to make it more fun and challenging. Don’t forget to mention your contest in any social media outreach that you do!

national wildlife challenge

With these 3 techniques, you should be able to start spreading the word about your new class. Also remember to be present in your class by commenting on projects and starting new discussions. If your current students are having a great experience, they’ll be much more likely to talk about the class with family and friends.

A few other marketing ideas:

  • Attend local events and meetups where you can talk about your class.
  • Ask friends, family and coworkers to share your class on their own Facebook and Twitter profiles – remember, they get a free month of membership for every new person they refer.