Have you thought about teaching but aren’t sure what topic to focus on? We’ve found that more and more students are interested in focused classes that center on a specific skill or project.

Can you brew a mean batch of Kombucha? Do your friends turn to you for advice on writing cover letters? Are you a pro at creating a gallery wall? Do what you love, all while establishing a passive income stream!

Some of our most successful classes have just 20-60 minutes of video content. Not sure how you can share your skill or passion through a focused class? Check out 5 tips based on classes across the platform that show just how easy it is to teach an amazing class across any topic!

Tip: Utilize Your 9-5 Skills

  • In her class, The Creative Art of Pitching Stories, Alana utilizes a skill she has developed throughout her career to provide practical advice on how to craft an articulate and well-written pitch.
  • Come up with a list of skills you’ve learned while on your 9-5 grind. Perhaps you’ve mastered Quickbooks or come up with a great system for organizing your inbox. Start a class outline today and begin sharing your knowledge with the Skillshare community!

Tip: You Know More Than You Think!

  • Think your doodles will never emerge from the margins of your notebook? That doesn’t have to be the case! Yasmina has grown a dedicated following by sharing her ability to make adorable “cutie people”. Check out her recent class, You Can Draw Cutie People the Easy Way
  • At Skillshare, we truly believe anyone can teach. You may have a crafty way with yarn, the ability to make beautiful pressed flowers, or an eye for organizing a closet like no one’s business. These skills can all be the jumping point for creating a class on Skillshare!

Tip: Create a Project-Based Class

  • In her class, The Freelancing Guide: How to Organise Your Work and Life, Faye shares valuable advice about creating a schedule as a freelancer. Based on her 7 years of experience, she covers tips such as: the importance of networking, finding balance, and working around other commitments.
  • If you work for yourself, chances are, you have established systems and flows to make your life easier. Create a simple class project that enables students to implement one of these processes in their own business.

Tip: Narrow in on a Specific Topic

  • Rather than teach a broad class on “How-To Use Photoshop”, Jon zooms in on a very specific feature of photoshop.
  • In his class, Insta-Vintage in Photoshop, he keeps the class focused by breaking the technique into steps that are easy to follow and provides his students clear instructions for completing their project.

Tip: Keep it Concise

  • Theresa’s class, How to Get Sponsors for Your Blog, is under 30 minutes and focuses on one aspect of blogging: monetizing through sponsorship.
  • Her class overview is clear and concise; students immediately understand exactly what they will learn by completing the class.

Ready to start you own class? Head to Skillshare and start your Class today. We can’t wait to see what you’ll share!

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