Food Photography: Playing With Your Food

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Updated Thu, Nov 8th 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm Muriel from Brussels in Belgium. I'm a freelance graphic designer and not at all a photographer.
The proof: my photocamera is my iPhone 4S. I've a Canon 450 but I can't use it. Convinced ?

Last month, I had this crazy idea to become vegan. My main purpose was to stay slim and eating healthier. Basta of junkfood, now I'm eating my 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Youhou !

The info about the vegan lifestyle in French is really hard to find. So I have decided to create a vegan portal (under construction hihihi) - vegetalisme=veganism

The main content will be the receipes, this is the reason why I'm here with you. I need to take pictures of my future meals.

The pictures posted came from my Instagram & Foursquare account. So nothing serious to be honest. But some feedback on these "innocent" pictures could be already a good start for me.

Looking forward to read you.


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