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Mutineer Cycling

Updated Tue, May 28th 2013

Update: 05-28-13 @ 5:48pm

Not a tag, maybe more of a promo piece?

Not sold on the slab font for Leelanau Peninsula or the URL. 

Also not sure if I like the "Mutineer" script inside the skull. 


Update: 05-28-13 @ 2:52pm

Worked on some sketches, but still not ready to work on kits just yet. So after my research, I was convinced it needed to be some sort of pirate-looking mascot, but I really wanted to work in a winged helmet... but that became a winged skull... .and then I added in a unicron horn. You can kinda see some of my erasing in the bottom left pic below. I had a hard time with the wings... probably tried to make them too realistic, so then I drew a rough and then winged it (pun intended) when I markered in. I like that this new skull can lead to my own story and mythology for the Mutineer brand. I also rewrote the Mutineer script and am a bit more happy with this one. 

I'm not a skull and cross bones kinda guy, but this seems to hit the mark for me. I'm hesitant to do anything with an anchor as an element though since anchors and ampersands seem over-used these days. 

Thanks for looking.

I've always been into cycling, but never enough to buy a real bike, setting a goal of riding 3,200 miles in one year, and starting to follow it more closely. That's all changed in the past 7-months. What started out as a great way to exercise and lose weight, has turned into somewhat of a mission. I've realized two things since starting out on my journey: 

01. Cycling apparel is boring. Pretty much everything looks the same.

02. There aren't a lot of options for bigger guys, or really anyone that doesn't have a pro racer body.

I immediately had the idea for the name, but didn't think much of it. Now I'm thinking I should at least design up a few things to see if there's any interest from other people actually wanting to buying them. 

Not sure on colors yet, but definitely want a nod to vintage, timeless classic brands and stay away from the typical cycling/sports slanted fonts. Everything is very "mechanical" these days. 

A little behind, but I'll catch up ASAP...

Did some more research... came up with a Mutineer visually being most closely associated with the likes of Pirates, Marauders, Patriots, Raiders, and Buccaneers.

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