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Love of my Life

Updated Fri, Jan 4th 2013

36 years ago, I met a guy......the kind of charming guy who took my breath away.... we graduated from the same college.....but we somehow lost touch with each other.  We went on to marry other people, have 5 sons between us....and he married twice.....but I only married once and divorced.  

Imagine my surprise when 36 years later he found me on a social media network, and called me from 6,500 miles away to ask if he could some to see me!  So we met.  He returned to work but plans to return in April. 

My goal is in the next 4 months to get in shape so when he returns, I will look more like I did when we met! 

I also need to do this for me as I have a history of diabetes in my family I know that if I start now to get on a regular excercise program.

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