Build an Audience: A Macklemore Case Study in Music Marketing

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Updated Fri, Apr 4th 2014





claudeen BENOIT, is an Actress/Singer/Dancer based in NYC. She has recently delved into her journey as a recording artist this year.  She challenges the music industry's 'Norms' by creating music that stimulates an audience visually as well as with sound. She is working on her debut release, while releasing creative cover songs on her newly launched, Youtube HUB.  Check out links below for more...





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Completing this project has really helped me to use the facts, rather than "Idea's" to guide my marketing efforts. I took the time to look through my twitter following, and to see what my 'Fans' who have interacted with me actually Look like, how they dress. What they speak about, what interests them  etc. And that has helped me as far as knowing how to "speak back" to them in a way they can relate.

The youtube analytics have helped me identify where my music is reaching. Surprisingly, I am more concentrated across the country (California) and abroad (London,UK), than in my hometown (NYC).

This has helped me consider where I should concentrate my marketing efforts, as far as blog coverage. I will definately reach out for press In these three areas. And In the future, use this information when scheduling shows, reaching out for management, (etc.)

I have also discovered that my influencers are based in these three area's as well.

Through Ad Planner, I discovered the websites where my fanbases top age demographic frequent. Tumblr has proven to be a very popular website within this age demographic (18-24), Knowing this has taught me that I should definately incorporate Tumblr into all of my marketing activites!

Studying artists on my "Career Progression Model" Has helped me see what is working for them, and and what is not working for them as far as marketing is concerned. It lays out lots of different models, I can pick and choose from to create my own success :)

This was a lot of fun! Thank you amber for providing this awesome class, and sharing all of these tools with us.

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