In the 18th century,

… coffee houses were known as Penny Universities. For a mere penny, people entered a communal space overflowing with ideas, literature, intellectual conversations and inspired debates. Here, men and women came to improve their minds, challenge their mindsets, and build a roadmap for change.


Penny Conference Livestream

Learning and innovation go hand-in-hand.

To solve some of our society’s biggest problems like poverty, crime, and healthcare, we must fix our education system. It’s the root of all the bigger issues (shout-out to Season 4 of The Wire!)

The Penny Conference brings people and ideas from all walks of life together to challenge the status quo of education. We’ve all experienced learning in one way or another, so we’ve all got something to say about how we can improve education.

Together, we’ll answer one simple question… if we had to re-invent education from the ground-up for the 21st century, what would it look like and how can we create that future together?

Conversations and debates are highly encouraged. Action is required. Join us to create a roadmap that will change the way our kids’ kids’ kids will learn.

April 20th, 2012

12:30 PM — 5:00 PM EST

The Times Center →

242 W 41st St

New York, NY



You’re invited!

Join us and some of the best minds in education on April 20th

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