Skillshare Gift Cards

Gift cards can be redeemed for any online class on Skillshare, have no fees, and never expire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use my gift card to purchase a class?

    Once you've redeemed your gift card, your available Skillshare credits will automatically be applied to your next purchase of any online class.

  • How do I view the remaining balance of my gift card?

    You will be able to view the balance of your gift card as Skillshare credits in the Payments section of your settings. Credits earned through student and teacher referrals will also be reflected in this balance.

  • What can I use my gift card to purchase on Skillshare?

    Gift cards can only be used to purchase online classes. Gift cards cannot be used towards the purchase of local classes or additional gift cards.

  • Do gift cards have an expiration date?

    Nope! Skillshare gift cards do not expire.