Intro to Copywriting

, Senior Copywriter

Brand voice. You may or may not have heard this term. It's a biggie. It's the personality of your brand. In this class we'll cover how to arrive at your brand voice and how to ensure it comes through in your tagline, headlines, body copy and customer emails. We'll look at some great examples of brands who do it well (from big companies to small businesses), go through a few brand voice exercises and do some headline drills, which will show you the often tedious and occasionally magical side of headline writing.

Please come to class with a laptop or ipad, paper and pen and 5 to 10 headlines for your small business and/or brand of your choice.  We’ll go over them in class.

  • Intro to Copywriting


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Allison Khoury

Senior Copywriter

Allison Khoury has been in advertising since 1998 and copywriting since 2001. She's worked on over 30+ brands over the years. Her most recent clients include Mozilla Firefox, Chipotle, Monterey Bay Aquarium and You can see her professional portfolio here:

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